Indentify this Ornamental Pineapple

randg(11)December 30, 2009

This is probably too soon for people to help me identify this ornamental pineapple. This plant was originally from the fruit of an ornamental pineapple that has been severed from the mother plant. If I remember correctly, the pineapple fruit was about 2 or 3 inches at that time and it was about to be discarded. I took the fruit home, since I have previous experience of saving the tops of an pineapple fruits and planting it, I thought I'll try it with this inedible, miniature, pineapple fruit.

So I cut the top off, planted it on a very small pot with potting soil, and placed in a closed container to keep the humidity high. After more than three months with nothing of a sign if it's growing or not I was about to discarded it, thinking it was a failure, then decided to give it one more month. I'm so glad I waited because it finally showed sign that is growing by the addition of new leaves. I then transplanted into a bigger container.

Here is the picture of it a few more months later (the old leaves has been completely replaced with new ones):

I forgot how the mother plant look like--I think it has a red hue color to the leaves, but not as red as the young pineapple in the picture. The mother plant I think was grown in a 5 - 6 inches pot, so the mother plant wasn't that huge. Can anyone identify this young bromeliad plant?

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Could be a Ananas lucidus

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Could be. Ugh! Wish I could have written down the scientific name or have taken picture of it. Searching for Ananas lucidus yealded a lot of result that looks similar to the plant, so it's pretty much impossible to identify what I have.

Thank you, hanwc, for your reply!

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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

Revision of Ananas recently , make this now Ananas comosus var, erectifolius , or even easier Ananas Chocolat.
The absence of spines and colour makes this id easy .

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After more than two years, this plant finally produced pups and produced a fruit:

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