I have no idea what tillandsia it is

LeanDecember 2, 2012

Dear all,
I am new to tillandsia. Recently i bought one. After much reading on the web, i was captivated by its uniqueness and beauty. I have been looking at hundreds of pictures, trying to find out its species but none of them looks similar. I may have overlooked because I am no expert in this. My plant has several pups. The tips dry up easily even though I mist them twice daily and soak them for 4 hours every 1-2 weeks. Yet the tips still look lousy. I would appreciate if anyone can tell me more about this species. Thanks!

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Maybe Gonz will pop by and ID it

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Tough to say. The plant is very wet and looks like it was initially raised in a greenhouse, perhaps the ubiquitous T. ionantha.

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Thanks Gonzer! I bought it from a green house nearby a park in Malaysia, it is a cooling environment there. I hope to see it blooms one day :)

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Hello Lean,

I know I'm a little late here. I agree with gonzer. I also think it's some type of Ionantha. Misting them twice a day seems like quite a bit. You don't want them to be wet all the time. The brown tips will probably stay brown. Watering them more will not bring them back to green, in my opinion.

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Also, I would remove that moss from the base of the tillandsia. That is an invitation for rotting the plant.


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