My Jade Plants...

dragonstoneDecember 12, 2006

Trying this forum for a change since I have a handful of images. I wish they were of better quality but they're good enough! ;)

My main 10 year old jade plant which I'm now convinced has to be a dwarf-variety.

A close-up of the trunks. Not very thick.

My attempts at trying to grow them in a tree-like way. The middle pot (with the flower design) is approximately five years old. I made several other attempts over several years. For some reason, some plants failed. The first pot at the far left and the pot to the right of the middle pot - you can see they both had a plant but they just suddenly failed. It was domino-like. Each section rotted and left behind a smooth nub... before that next section rotted. It went down and down and ended.

Sometimes there's redness on the bottom of the leaves but it is not common at all. For example, under one of the tree-like jades:

This one has a couple leaves that are pointed but also some redness.

I wasn't attempting anything with this. I don't remember how old it is but one summer, I trimmed my main jade plant down and tossed all the cuttings into an empty pot and they all took. They've been growing up since. I couldn't bring myself to tear out the little pine tree. ;)

A picture of the other side:

And a look at some others:

The poor hobbit jade was much larger but a surprisingly massive rainstorm earlier this year caused the plant to just fold down on itself. I had to trim off a lot of branches and straighten it up with yarn (the only string I could find in a jiffy). The trimmed off branches were repotted.

My gollum jade in two pots. They both came from different places. I really oughta take a small paintbrush and brush off the leaves that dried up. I try to brush them off but they don't want to let go just yet.

I know it's not as awe-inspiring or beautiful as others but it's the best I can do with the money and space I have. ;)

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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)

Holy Cow,

You really love those Jades. LOL. You got some nice looking plants there. What's the green stuff on the soil of the first one just some leaves?

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The green stuff looks like marbles to me. Agree with mrbrownthumb, you do LOVE jades and I can share that with you although I only have a few cuttings! (The blooming jade I posted is not mine, it belongs to a neighbor)


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Thanks mrbrownthumb and Xuan!

At first, I thought it was the marbles too but after a closer look, I realize what you're asking now. Those tiny green things are those clovers that grew like crazy. I guess I didn't go a good job of weeding it all out before I tossed the stones in. I was trying to 'beautify' it in a jiffy.

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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)

Actually Xuan was right in the first pic I couldn't tell what they were. They looked like glowing mushrooms but when Xuan pointed out they were marbles I have noticed them in the second pic.


BTW the grouping in pic number seven would make a cool candidate for planting in this style.

Here is a link that might be useful: Forest Style Bonsai

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Ohhh! *laughs* I've had them for a long time in a plastic bag and just never used them. I found the bag recently and decided to pour them in.

Wow! That Forest Style Bonsai is pretty neat! I don't think I'd have the patience to work on something so small and make it come out so nice. It'd probably end up looking like bare sticks 'cause I couldn't do anything. Though, I have always been curious about the idea of training one to spiral around a pole and once it thickens up enough to support itself, it'd be a neat visual effect when the pole is taken out and you got a small spiral tree.

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i have a plant that is 6yrs old but i don't know much about them. my plant had thick stems but are thinning out. i think i need to cut it back but don't know how or how much to cut it back. i can email you pictures if you would like. can you please help, my plant is getting tall but thin.


    Bookmark   June 15, 2007 at 1:56PM
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