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I am working an orchid show this weekend with a friend of mine from Ohio. He has brought, a new for him, product called Growstone ( It is something orchid people use for semi hydroponics instead of Aliflor(clay fired round balls). It is very light weight and I am going to try it in my mix as a substitute for some other grit material.

Your thoughts

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Like most " New Ideas" this product remains limited for availability in an age where some still cant find turface to suggest re-fired recycled glass justifying the search for it might be a bit trying for some.

However a very reasonable price comparison to pumice stone at the same yield % found it to have a very low powder dust release. Although very sharp low dust sift release from a faster easier sift that can feel as it might cut the unprotected hand is the same damaging effect as a salt scrub Matched air flow from a substrate and moisture retention I dont think price point alone will be the next best pumice replacement.

Although if re-fired glass availability is available and at a closer distance in more manageable sized pieces It's use should be come more wide spread but thinks availability will be an objective for some. Certainly would allow more than one person to expand into the more uncommon succulent plant growing.

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I have used this in my mixes for Haworthia and like it very much. I would recommend rinsing and not siting to avoid the dust. Cheers

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