Growing Dracaena marginata outside

jenn(SoCal 9/19)February 7, 2006

I planted a small (~10 inch) Dracaena marginata next to our patio. Now I'm thinking of replacing it with a MUCH more mature plant in a pot. The little baby I planted looks ridiculous (because it is so small).

I know Dracaena should be planted away from wind-prone areas, but I can tie it to the patio post it will be planted next to when a strong wind is predicted. We do have two of them in different spots in the yard but they were mature plants when we planted them. I'm wondering how long it will take this baby to get to a reasonable size.

Did anyone start a Dracaena from a tiny plant in the garden? Or should I just go and get a large one and be done with it? Summer is coming (it's spring already anyway, right???) and I want that spot a little more filled in than this tiny baby provides.


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john90808(z10 So Cal)

We have a very mature Dracaena Marginata in a large pot on our porch. It is probably 4 feet tall or better. I do not know how old it is because it was there when we purchased the house about 5 years ago. I did propagate a cutting that emerged at the base of the plant and rooted it in a smaller pot which is currently indoors by a bright window but not in direct sunlight. That was about 6 months ago.

What I have observed in both is that they are not fast growers. While the older (original) plant is probably bigger than when we moved in five years ago, it is not that much bigger, near as I can tell. As for the cutting, it spent most of its time producing roots and is just now starting to grow in height but again, it seems to be a slow grower.

Both mine are in pots and not in the ground. That could make a difference but if you want to fill the spot quickly, you might just buy a larger, more mature plant.

My 2 cents.

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jenn(SoCal 9/19)

Thanks John. You said what I needed to know -- they are not fast growers. I will get a much larger one and put it there.


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Well, since you got your answers, I'll still tell. I have one in the ground by my front door. I gets full shade and is doing very well. It hasnt grown much since I planted it 2 years ago, but the green leaves are longer and prettier.

Right now I was given a 6 foot one, and I am planning on planting it outside in partial shade, with no direct sunlight. I am curious to see how it will do, but since it was free, I wont cry too much if it dies.

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jenn(SoCal 9/19)

Thanks skrip. This sounds like a very adaptable plant -- in a pot, in the ground, in sun, in the shade... break off a piece and new branches sprout from the cut... doesn't need a lot of water. Sounds like a no-brainer. :-)

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Well, I brought it home and placed it in the living room. Now I like it in there hehe... so Im off to get some premium potting soil and a larger pot for it.

I figure I can break a branch and bury that outside in spring. It so pretty inside.

Any recommmendations on premium brands of potting soil for indoors?

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john90808(z10 So Cal)

Skrip: For most container plants, I use Master Nursery brand "Gardner's Gold" Organic Potting Soil. Sometimes I amend it with some vermiculite or perlite to improve the drainage depending on what I plant in it. I purchase it at a local nursery. I don't think Dracaenas are THAT picky. (I actually have my cutting growing inside in mix of perlite & peat, mixed with a little bit of slow-release fertilizer.) It seems happy by an east-facing window with no direct sunlight on it. I recently added some compost and slow-release fertilizer to the "mama" plant, which resides on my east-facing porch.

Good luck.

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Hi guys I was going to make a Dracaena Marginata cutting. Does anyone know if I have to let it dry and callous or would I just cut it and stick it into potting soil?

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I know D.marginata-all green type- can be grown even here in the bay area. But how does the "candy" striped version do in soucal? I've found it not frost hardy at all. I had to rescue mine from the porch last winter. But maybe where summers are hotter,winters drier?..

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Is this a dracenea(sp)?? I have one of these growing in the house and it's doing very well.It's getting so big I may have to eventually move it outside.This isn't a picture of mine,it's something I found on the net.

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Well,to answer my own post -yes,Tri cane marginata ca grow outdoors in soucal . I saw one on the news from Santa Monica. A shady eastern exposure it looked to be.

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