Cankers on lavatera leaves

dicotFebruary 10, 2011

I'm not able to fully i.d. this and I'm leaning towards radical pruning whatever the blight is. My 12 foot Lavatera bicolor is completely infested with this (and it happened quite quickly).

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

It's the fungus disease called rust. At this point, strip & discard the infected leaves. Not fatal, just ugly.

The preferred remedy is a sunny planting site with excellent air circulation. But sometimes, prevailing wet weather will foil your best plans.

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Thanks, Jean, I didn't recognize that as rust. Those 7 inches of rain here in Dec had me pretty soggy, then it's been over 75 F most days since, so I'm playing catch-up with weeds, aphids, germination and fertilization now. I'm sad that me missing the symptoms early translates to the centerpiece in my yard getting stripped bare right now. Oh, well.

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