Bromeliad IDs Part 2

RaTaHo(10a)December 26, 2013

Here's the second picture. Cheers, RaTaHo

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Tillandsia imperialis

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Thanks again, Gonzer. Except for the flowers I never would have guessed. Cheers

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Now this is where I am unsuccessful with Tillys. If they grow on trees I do Ok but in soil zero success.

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Just a follow up on limited success. T. punctulata is doing well, still in the same pot and mix. T. imperialis rotted after a little over a month in same pot/mix (leaf mold).

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I would suggest you look at the roots of these plants.. Most Tillandsia roots are like wire hard & dry ,only used for holding in place. there are a few that that actually grow in dirt. the rest will die off.. those species that normally grow in soil will have a softer more spread out root system. the Florida Brom Socoity
has a great website with lists & Pics

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