drvongirlApril 27, 2010

I ordered what I thought were angel trumpets (brugs) What I got were little plants in 4inch containers about 4 inches high. They each have a flower bud on them. I'm assuming they are the angel trumpets that point up. How do you plant these and in what type of soil, can I plant them both togather and if so in what size pot? Will they get very big or tall? Thanks Ellen

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token28001(zone7b NC)

Datura for me gets rather large depending on the type. Are the leaves oval shaped and fuzzy?

That little seedling becomes a 4' shrub in my yard. But we get a lot of heat and they love that. In a container, you can probably count on it being smaller. I would plant them both together in at least an 18" pot. The roots on these things are extensive and thick. Here's mine from July, direct sown in March. Germinated in April.

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Thanks for getting back with me so soon Token. I see that you are in my zone. I'm sure it's warmer there than here in Wa, it was 53 today. Yes the leaves are oval and fuzzy. When I went to pick it up the flower bud that was on it fell off, wil it grow back? So, it's alright to plant them outside? I will probably do containers, will regular potting soil with perlite, bark and some pumice work? Thanks Ellen

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If they are seedlings and already have buds it's a datura. I'd only put 1 plant per pot and you don't need to ammend the soil so much. I wouldn't waste the pumice on dats or brugs. Save it for something that needs it like a plumeria. Some perlite, vermiculite coir or sharp sand is all you need and some high quality bagged potting mixes like Fafard you don't need to add anything. The bud probably dropped from shock and more will grow. Dats aren't heavy feeders like brugs and don't need as much water. They can also take more sun. Most people grow daturas as annuals unless you are in a frost free zone. If you are going to keep them in containers you'll have to move them up in size as the season progresses and will likely end up with a 10"-15" pot. As a rule datura buds will remain pointing up and brug buds will become pendulous as they mature.

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token28001(zone7b NC)

I agree with karyn. Just use the potting soil. They aren't very fussy about soil and will grow just about anywhere including our hard clay. The flowers create seed pods that are just loaded with seeds. All of my dats reseeded last year. In one area where I had three plants, I probably have a few hundred seedlings. Just plant it in the ground and let it go. You'll have babies next year or you can collect the seed once the pods crack open. I direct sow mine in mid to late March and have blooms a few months later. Like brugs, they only flower at Y branches, but they grow so fast, you have lots of flowers. Don't worry about the one that fell off. It'll be replaced shortly.

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Thanks for the information about planting. I was Glad to know that they don't require much fuss. Didn't realize they had to Y to bloom. I am still waiting on my 5 other brugs to Y!!! Ellen

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