Billbergia 'Midnight Sun'

chrisn82December 3, 2008

This plant was green when I first got it around a month ago. Full sun! Surprised how quickly its gained the color. Every day its getting a little darker.

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I wonder if it's the sun or the cooler weather that's making it pink up like that, Chris. As I told you, mine doesn't do that, at least not to that degree. Many of the DM hybrids do go kind of pinky when they're grown hard, but on MS I'm more likely to see the white portion of the leaf take on a greenish yellowy pigment. The uppermost leaves look more typical to me. Are you feeding it at all?

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Im not actively feeding per se Lisa. Its a bloomed out plant. I did however drop a teaspoon of fert into the cup. Hopin to see some pups come up soon!

Heres an earlier photo several weeks earlier.

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Ah, well, if it's bloomed out that makes more sense! Often the white areas will fade to dark after they've bloomed.

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