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breton2April 29, 2014

I picked this up last fall and have yet to figure out what it is. It looks like a Crassula, but the flowers, which unfortunately dried out before they bloomed, looked like they were going to resemble Kalanchoe blooms. The buds were quite reddish, not white. It was growing buds when I bought it in October. It appears to be 4 cuttings stuck in a 4 inch pot. I haven't seen anything quite like it on line...
Can anyone suggest what it might be? If so, what are people's experiences with this plant?


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Hi B,

I think it's Kalanchoe farinacea, another plant that's difficult to have enough of.

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Thanks Jeff, that does look like a match! Hadn't heard of this one before. It does seem to be a great succulent houseplant, it has not etiolated in the rather sad winter sun I was able to provide this winter. Have you grown it?


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I have grown it in SD - it's an Arabian Peninsula Kalanchoe, so it went well with Aloes such as A. tomentosa. I don't have it any more, but when I did it grew gangbusters.

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