Milkweed yellowing

sahmboJuly 15, 2010

My milkweed is quickly losing its leaves. Anyone know how to prevent this? It is been doing well for months before the last few days.

1. It is very hot here, but the plant is in the shade and I water it regularly.

2. It is in a pot. I know it needs more water in a pot.

3. It has many aphids. I have killed none.

I don't know which of these variables is my main enemy, but I would love to learn if anyone has advice. Thanks!

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You need to get all aphids off and keep off. You can use a hard spray of water, or squish off like me. They will suck out all of the juices of your plant. Also, too much water can cause the leaves to yellow. I too have mine in pots and usually water daily. Too much water will result in yellow and dropping leaves. Hope this helps.

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runmede(7a Virginia)

I agree, the aphids are probably the cause. Put on some plastic gloves and enjoy washing them off. I use a flat setting, and it blast them off.

Here is a link that might be useful: Milkweed leaf Problems

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great advice and website--thank you

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I use a small paint brush (1-1/2") to brush them off (sometimes onto a paper towel, if I have time) and then I kill as many of them as I can. Sometimes, I'll just use a spray bottle filled with water to blast them off.

I know one thing, those little things are a pain and almost impossible to get rid of. I recall reading somewhere that ladybugs will eat them. I wonder, is this is true????

Anyway, good luck to you.


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I'm in Texas too. Some of my milkweed appears to be unhappy with all the rain we got from the two tropical storms that hit Mexico. If you got a lot of rain from the storms too, I am thinking your milkweed has been over-watered. Tropical milkweed is quite drought tolerant. Too much water makes the leaves turn yellow and fall off on mine.

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