Some seedlings for Christmas

allan4519(10a, Northern NSW Australia)December 20, 2009

Hi all, just felt like posting something to the web.......

This seedling of B. domingos martins has been fed heavily and grown under 75% shade, hence not showing the heavy pink spotting in foliage;

The next seedlings are of two crosses the first cross Billbergia domingos martins x Billbergia Windigig Special are the seedlings in the foreground.

The second cross are the result of a cross of Billbergia domingos martins x a sibling of the above seedlings (back cross) again all of these plants are fed heavily and grown under 75% shade cloth;

The next image is of a very choice clone of Vriesea saundersii with an almost vertical flower scape;

The last seedlings, apparently have a g rec name? I did not give them this name, though the seedlings which got thie grec name are very similar to these seedlings. These seedlings are thorn less and will most likely produce a inflorescence a bit like Aechmea fasciata even though they were produced from two neoregelia, as several seedlings like these have already flowered and they are quite consistent only these two are also producing foliage colour resulting from a failed attempt to induce flowering.

well this is all from me for the season so hope you all enjoy the coming year that is if you escape the catastrophic weather, which seems to be part of life now. allan

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Those Billbergia seedlings are looking good Allan, they even have the Christmas colours! I especially like the first one...a nice dark plant.
And those neomea's do sound like interesting plants.
Cheers, Andrew.

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Hi Allan,

Have you got any pic's of the Bil. seedlings after the excess nitrogen in the food has been used up?

I'll bet there'll be some beaut colours there.

All the best Nev.

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allan4519(10a, Northern NSW Australia)

Hi Andrew and Nev., thank you for the comments, Yes those neomea's are possibly the pick of the batch and hope may even possibly be fertile (most of the earlier neomea's were not fertile or at least at the time when I flowered them).
The first Billbergia dark seedling, is pretty.
Nev., Sorry do not have any picks, though have let some of the siblings to these plants grow on after the fertilizer had run out and they did colour quite dramatically, as I suspected. The first dark Billbergia is showing pink spotting, from experience this is a strong indicator that it will develop more spotting when not fed.
Cheers for now will leave the forum as have been to the dentist and am still in shock.................... lol allan

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Great billbergias Allan, congratulations. I love the wide dark leaves.
I hope the shock from the dentist wasn't the account! lynn

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