selenicereus not blooming

johnny_1985April 30, 2013

hello evryone i am new to this forum and i hope you can help me! i have a large selenicereus grandiflorus that i bought last year from ebay in germany (i live in uk) the plant is about 18years old and when it arrived it had a single flower bud which sadly fell of (the trip from germany clearly didnt help!) i repotted it into only a very slightly larger pot as the original was cracked. it sits in a west facing large deep window where it gets lots of sunshine. during the summer i fed it with a high potash fertiliser and it grew nice thick strong stems. in winter i barely watered at all for around 3 to four months, its now growing strongly again so im watering regularly and feeding again,but no buds! should it not be fed? it looks very healthy, help!

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Hey Johnny,

Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you're taking great care of your plant though a picture always helps. In my experience with plants in general, they won't flower without the right amount of sun. West-facing window means afternoon sun. You might try a south-facing window or putting the plant outside as soon as it's safe to do so.

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