transplanting chicks and hens

texasanna(8a)April 21, 2011

i bought this little pot of chicks and hens this weekend, and i'm a total beginner and don't know how to move them into my own strawberry pot without killing them! should i just plant them in the top opening or pull them apart and plant them in the little side openings as well? I.e. if i just plant them in the top will the offshoots come up in the little side openings? Thanks for the help, I really need it :)

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)


I dealt with this last year. You will have some that will die, but many will survive. The soil is REALLY packed tight in those containers. What I did with mine, I just grabbed a big one by the base, and yanked it out has hard as I could (they are super strong!) Everything else should be easier to rip out then. Don't worry about getting all of the roots, they form new roots readily. Separate the chicks from the hens and bury the stems (pretend like they are hens). I space mine about 2" apart in the garden. Sprinkle hot pepper over them after you plant them, otherwise squirrels will dig them up like crazy. Hope this helps!

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Texasanna, that was a healthy pot you had there. Plenty of chicks and hens for your garden. It also look as pretty in the original pot too.

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If I'm not mistaken, you're transplanting into a strawberry pot, and the picture is what you want yours to look like. You'll have to plant one in each of the openings if you want them there. They spread by clumping around the "hen," so leave room for new chicks to pop up!

You will want to fill up the bottom "cups" on the strawberry pot first, and then fill the dirt in and work your way up.

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If I understand you correctly, you bought the pictured plant and you also have a planter like it that you want to look (eventually) like the one you bought.

Stuff the bottom part with styrofoam peanuts, rocks, plastic pots, or anything else that will take up space - fill the remainder of the area with porous soil, and do just as you suggested - take the pups and push them a little into the soil. Put in semi-shade. Spritz them every few days, then begin watering in about a month. They should grow well for you.

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