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drvongirlApril 14, 2011

Hi all, Here in WA we are still waiting for spring to arrive with some warm weather! Last Friday we reached 60 degrees, but today we are back in the high 40's mid 50's, I am really envious now of any warm weather anywhere!

This will be my second summer growing my brugs. My question is, I placed all my brugs that I overwintered in my garage on my front porch against the wall that Friday. Even tho it is still cool and we are not getting much sun can I start fertilizing them or should I wait, don't know when to begin. Will they be alright as long as the temp doesn't get below 32. Should I lug them back in the garage? All my cuttings I got from karyn died so I don't want to loose these. One more question, will they flower sooner this year since they are more established. All but one bloomed last year, all late Sept, Oct. Hoping to enjoy blooms sooner than that. Thanks for the help. Ellen

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chena(z8 Texas)

Hey Ellen!!
Nice to see ya!! You can start to fertilize half strength to and so long as the don't get below 37*~38* you should be fine.. Don't over water them with it being still so cool..If you or anyone else are looking to replace some of your lost Brugs for postage let me know and I can point you in the right direction.. I see you don't have a email address listed..


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Thanks kyle for your answer, how and where do i get my e-mail address to list?

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