Brom ID please!

museyDecember 30, 2009

Please help me identify this plant, I'm pretty sure its a Bromeliad.

those last two are mainly of the flower part. It comes out from a long strand from the middle and hangs down.


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Hi musey,

Great to see another Aussie joining our ranks and I'm sure you'll enjoy being a member and sharing info. and pic's with the rest of us.

I think your plant is Ae. Weilbachii form pendula, I have one and it looks very similar albiet not as well grown as yours.

By the way, what part of Aus. are you from? Anywhere near Wollongong NSW by any chance? I'm just down the road from there at Shellharbour.

Happy New Year and all the best to everyone.


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hmmm SE queensland.

also, thanks, but how do i get seeds from it?

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