laurie_bray(z8)January 4, 2006

I have a problem to give their real name to these camellias :

1. Yesterday, japonica, pink, medium size, peonyform.

2. Baby Siij, japonica, white, small, peonyform.

3. Salmon Beauty, hybrid, pink, semi-double, medium size.

4. The best : Marjorie Waldegrail(???)looking like Marjorie Magnificent, Japonica, pink , semi-double, medium size.

Thank your for advance. It's not always easy to build a camellia'nomenclature.



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forrestal(Gulf Coast z8b)

Laurie what an amazing website you have! I have posted the link below, so others can see it. I confess that my french is very poor, so I use the translation feature of my web browser which converts the language very nicely.

In researching the official names of these to add to your website, do you have a copy of the Nomenclature Handbook by the Southern California Camellia Society? I will check mine to compare to the names you have listed. Can you post the approximate age of the plant, and a photo of each bloom? Those would be helpful clues.

Best wishes on your excellent work.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thank your for your nice message... I really enjoy searching camellias and take pictures of them. After,I had the idea to build (with my husband) this website to list them in a nomenclature. We translated a part of it in english, because many anglo-saxon persons like the camellias. It's very difficult, because gardenig vocabulary is very special... even with a good dictonnary !

I have'nt the copy of the Nomenclature you noticed in your message.

We have a e-mail on our site, you contact me if you want. The camellias I saw in nursery have 4 years old. The pictures I could give you are the same than on my website. Is-it enough for an identification ?

Thank your for your message and for lovcam. It's a big work four us and I would like to be the most precise as possible (with my bad english).


Laurie (also Cathie)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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