Camellia buds stop blooming

Danielgoh168January 24, 2013

10days ago i bought 2 pots of camellia which are red n pink fulled with buds and some blooming 20%, since then till now the buds stop blooming and turn brown,those which are 20% blooming stop as well....and i lightly touched the flowers,they droped off. Im not sure what was wrong with it...BUT these few days i saw some new leafs growing out and geting bigger,but still those bud stop growing or blooming....i do water wondering because of the weather from the place that i bought? Now at my home where its a hot tropical weather which sunny the whole day which the day time can go to 34c ,but i put the pots to the corner where it can only get half day light rather than full day light which i think its too hot for could anyone tell me whats wrong with those unblooming buds and turning brown?

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Camellia bud drop occurs when the plant is either getting too much or too little water or the temperatures are changing up/down a lot. Other times when the temps change and stay cold, they can just stop blooming and restart a month or more later. Flower buds in general are more sensitive to temperature and moisture issues than leaves so you could see a plant stop blooming and still leafing out new leaf growth. Try watering when the potting mix starts frying out as opposed to just daily. You can also place the pots where the air/wind does not dry them out quickly. As for the temperatures, you can try to monitor the temperatures to see how much they fluctuate and find a location where they do not swing too much.

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