How to root camellia cuttings?

katie88(z8a NC)January 8, 2007

Hello Fellow Gardeners!

I need your help. The only camellia I have is from roots of a huge old one discovered in a field, now wish to trade for some cuttings, but need experienced guidance to do correctly.

I have no idea if this is the right time of year, cannot bring cuttings indoors because my cabin is for sale, don't know if makeshift greenhouse would work -- appreciate all advice.

Thanks in advance,


GW: katie88

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longriver(SF Bay Area)

Even it is off the timing. Let's try a simple, least cost method, yet still scientific, to start it right now. You are not likely to loose arm and leg!

1. Cut 5 or 8 of last year's fresh branches, about 4 inches. Keep about 2-3 leaves on each branch. Cut the large leaves at 1/2 size. Mix tape water and laudry bleach(at 5% of the total volume) and let the branches submerged in the solution for 20 min. Pour off the bleach water and use a bottle of drinking water( small amount each time in the basin) to rain off the residue amonut of bleach on the branches for a few times.

2. Make a 1/2" slant cut at bottom of each branch, dip it into rooting power.

3. Pre-prepared rooting medim: A new mall plastic pot container filled with wet new perlite about 4 inch deep. enclsed it with a transparent poly bag. Microve the whole unit to very hot temperature, about like boiling. You can replace a new poly bag if it is nessary. leave it till to room temperature.

4. poke a hole to the mist( not too wet) perlite and insert the branch with rooting powder at 45 degrees angle. gently tap it.

5. You need to find a warm place by the window with light at about 70 degreed F. Use wire cloth hanger as a support to make a mini tent. Use a cloth pin to enclose the poly bag at top. Leave it and forget about it.

6. After one month, if any branch or leaf is dead, pick it out. If the branch is still green, you have a good chance.

7 After 2 months, you can gently pull up the branch, if there is any resistance. Stop!( sounds like filing income tax) Likely there is root down there.

Warning: There is no guarantee to return your rooting investment.

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What time of year is this done??

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ibartoo(z8 sc)

HI katie, you can try rooting them in milk jugs cut as if you were planning to winter sow seeds. I would then put the jugs in the warmest spot I could find like against the house or under some shrubs. In fact I think I will try some today. Linda

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longriver(SF Bay Area)

See my mini green house. Good for germinating seeds as well as for rooting. Picture tells you how.

Use perlite or a mixture of Half perlite and half ground peat. The media should be heated in microwave to very hot before use.

Graft is a better way to propagate your favorite camellia.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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longriver: Your advice is helpful. I have a question, though; why do you need to encase the cuttings in plastic bags if you put them in an aquarium, as your attached photo illustrates? I would have thought the acquarium would provide the needed humidity. Or am I missing something?

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autumnmoon(6a/se ks)

Can you layer them like you can do azaleas and roses, by pinning them down and putting mulch over the top? I have one that is very lanky, but don't want to trim it, and would like to have a few more to put in other spots since they are so expensive here.



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longriver(SF Bay Area)

Actually I tried many methods and most of them work for me. Forget aquarium that requires extra work and preparation. In your situation, try rooting in June or early July when the new tissue growth is just getting firm. The simple method is as follows:
Find a few 5 gal garden black plastic containers. Use only "clean sand" to fill the container to the 1/2 amount and wet the sand. Collect many small with 2-3 leaves branches about 6 inches, dipped the cut surface with rootin powder. Prepare a hole into the sand at 45 degrees angle and insert one branch. gently tap the sand even.cover the container with a glass or plastic sheet. Keep the container at a warm ahd bright spot(no direct sun). Then forget about. Each month check the rooting or wet the sand if it is necessary. Do not water it too often. If the lower part of sand is still moist, that is perfect.

After 3 months try to loose up the sand with a small stick to release a branch up for examination. If there is callua or root formation. You are on the way to have many rooted cuttings.

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