Adolph Audusson

rjlinvaJanuary 3, 2010

I am very new to camellias. I added this variety to my collection, and it has one flower opening now. I think the plant came from a nursery a bit further south so it's a bit ahead of schedule. I am really loving the look of this camellia, and I've read that it's a dependable camellia.

Can you recommend some other varieties that are similar to Adolphe Audusson.



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You could touch base with Virginia Camellia Society for information tailored to your area. Usually, a camellia japonica/ssasanqua that is hardy to your zone should do well where you live. Most camellia reticulatas may do better in warmer locales. Choose based on the zone, color that you want, the type of shrub growth habit that you want, approximate blooming time, type of flower form, etc.

In my area, for example, just about any japonica/sasanqua will grow and do well. But those that bloom during December thru February may be affected by our temperature ups and downs. The temperature changes can affect the plants in different ways. It would be rare that the plant would be killed or that the leaves would be harmed. Most likely, the flowers and/or buds would be the ones affected. For example, very low temperatures could kill some open blooms or some flower buds; they could cause the buds to drop if the temps change wildly (70s to 40s and back up); most common for me, the blooming time is delayed until warmer temps return. As a result, some japonicas that normally would bloom Dec-Feb may delay bloomage until Feb-Apr. Thus, I select some early blooming sasanquas while still planting some japonicas that bloom in the mid-season (Dec-Feb) just because I like their flowers and do not mind blooming time delays.

Here is a link that might be useful: Virginia Camellia Society Website

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