Peanut leaves for Sudbury tomorrow :o(

peatpod(Z5b Ontario)October 14, 2005

Well .. a few of you have read about my little Peanut. I have had her with me since she was only a few weeks old. She came to me as a foster kitten with her mother and six siblings and boy was she tiny!!!

Here is a picture I posted previously of Peanut with her sister. They were both 7 weeks old in this photo

One handed Peanut 8 weeks old

Two handed Peanut 12 week old

Peanut on DH's foot 12 weeks old

Although she is moving on to my mother's home .. I am so reluctant to see her leave!! I love her dearly and this is breaking my wee little heart :o( For now the Nut is going for a three week visit to see if my mother can handle having such a little one around. Both my DH and I are having difficulty accepting that she may become an outdoor cat when she is older as my mom really cant be out running around trying to find the cat :o( With any luck she wont have any interest in going outdoors.

I went on a shopping spree and bought everything the little Nut could want .. and then some. I spent the evening making a soft liner for her new travel crate and a fuzzy pillow to sleep on. All of her favorite toys have been modified to help my mom play with her .. my mom has sever rhumatoid arthritis. So Kitten Mitten was stuffed and mounted on a stick.

I make the drop in Newmarket tomorrow :o( Mom is down to see a doctor there so this will be the spot .. then around November 5th Im off to Sudbury to visit for my birthday .. my heart is really hoping that they wont want her and Peanut will return .. thats horrible .. I know she will be spoiled rotten and that my mom will love her to death.

Well I should run and get everything ready .. and feed my new baby ..

This is Ty at only a few days old

So from Peanut, Ty and myself


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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

She's going?!?

At least you'll be able to keep an eye on her and if she proves too much for your mum, you can take her back :-)

If she's a big sookie then she probably won't want to go out much anyway - there aren't too many laps to curl up in outside!


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peatpod(Z5b Ontario)

:o) Hey Bonnie .. ya she has left for the great white north!! I miss her soooo much. But like any cat .. she really doesnt miss me :o) She is settling in well at my mom's .. she has everyones attention .. and is being spoiled rotten. That is the plan if my mom and dad cant handle her then she comes back to mommy!!! But I dont think that will be the case .. my dad is already in love with her. Im surprised she didnt go to the cottage with him today :o) She actually slept with them last night and had a big snuggle with Grandma this morning.

Now the next big step is to introduce by brother's dog to her .. they better have his muzzle on cuz if he hurts her I will drive up to Sudbury and snap that mutts neck myself. Pretty harsh from an animal lover eh .. but he has a high prey drive and she is so tiny .. I guess time will tell. My my I am being so protective of the little nut and really there is nothing I can do.

So things seem to be going well for the time being .. I cant wait until my bday to see her. I just wish it was just as easy for me to settle in without her here :o(


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Oh, Laura, My heart feels for you, but I know that Nut will be just fine.

And that little Ty - what a sweetheart!! Sooo cute!!

Our new addition to the family is doing very well. Annie has adjusted in no time, and the dogs are loving her. Our Black Lab Raven has become somewhat of a surrogate mom - Annie has been seen trying to find a feeding spot on Raven's belly. LOL!!
And she sleeps with the Valley Bulldog - Chewie - in my Lazy Boy chair. They've taken it over and I'm now on the couch! Kind of cute watching a 50 pound muscle bound dog sleeping with a kitten 9 weeks old.

Minnie, our 14 year old cat is tolerant of Annie. We see improvements everyday and are happy about that.

Give little Ty a hug for me!

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peatpod(Z5b Ontario)

Ok .. so it's been only one weeks since I handed off my baby Peanut. I swear I am in mourning .. I miss her sooooooo much. This is nuts .. she is only a cat .. and I know where she is and will get to visit her very shortly. But I still miss her. She has such a sweet dispositon and she is so full of love and life. But I guess that's why my parents now love her dearly.

When my mom first spoke of adopting her from us she had asked us to make sure she didnt sleep with us at night. She didnt think either my dad or her would be able to adjust to a cat in the bed. Well .. we didnt stop her from sleeping with us .. nor did we encourage it .. she just did it. And in our bed .. she was lucky she was tiny .. any given night there are usually at least 5 cats and one dog in the bed with us. Anywho .. the other night my father awakened to use the washroom and no Peanut in the bed .. he quickly went to the washroom and then searched the house for her and brought her to bed with him :o)

I keep thinking that should one of my parents pass .. Peanut will be there to keep the other one company and give them all the love they will need :o) Humm .. I guess it isnt so bad that she is there. But boy do I miss her!!

Tiffy I am so glad you little one is fitting in with the rest of the family. Are you able to post a photo of her???

Take care

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Just getting to know my digi. Hope to post pics soon.

How's Ty?? Oh, I just love the yellows!

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