Camelia Japonica buds won't open

bvaiduJanuary 8, 2013

I have numerous buds of Camelia Japonicas....but none have bloomed yet. Is it too early or is something wrong?

Same with Gardenias too.....lot of buds. But they brown out and die. What am I doing wrong?


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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Where do you live and what has your winter been like? And what are your varieties?

It may be too early for your particular variety.

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Indeed, many many years ago, I had a sudden drop of temperatures in December that was apparently timed such that my normally Dec-Jan blooming camellias actually bloomed in March. So now I am never taken aback when the blooming time is delayed again.

But if your camellias are of the type that bloom later then you just need to wait. In case you do not know what variety you have then just let them be until they bloom. At that time, make a note in a wall calendar so you will remember in future years. If you know what camellia variety you have, you can list the name here so someone can search normal blooming times for you. You can also do an Internet search as well. If your variety is called "x" then do a find in yahoo/google/etc for "camellia x" and select pages belonging to mail order companies or plant wholesalers. They will indicate the blooming time with terms like 'early blooming', etc.

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After planting the camellia in a 24" pot it seemed to do well at first. However, a few months later some of the leaves are turning brown, as are some of the buds. (see attached Photo). There are no visible sign of pests or pest activity.on the plant. I fertilize it once a year, since it is in a pot. Any suggestions?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Short of water. Perhaps the rootball dried out?

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Switch to the best soil you can give and give bottled water, not tap water. If we get rain, you can save that but do not get any from the roof as it will have pollutants. I use my changed out fish tank water which is bottled water. After that, make sure you are getting ideal light conditions. It will be much happier and grow well. It might take a few years to get past the damage it shows now. Do not remove the leaves that show damage. Once you have a good bunch of deep glossy green leaves going, you will have the wonderful flowers. Patience is key and as someone else said, you don't ever want the plant to go dry. I mist my young ones in the afternoon when it's hot. Little camellias like pampering.

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