Camillia Transplanting help

larryd7(9 Fl)January 30, 2005

I live in Orlando Fl, I am in the process of refurbishing my old home in Brooksville to sell. This weekend I discovered a very nice Camillia bush I had forgotten I planted several years ago. It was covered with vines but it is currently full of beautiful pink peppermint blooms. I want to transplant it to my home in Orlando but not sure how or when to do it. Its about 5 feet tall but not to big around. Can I move it now or should I wait for more stable warmer whether? And how do the roots run on these, are they a close ball or do they run? Any advice would be appreciated, I don't want to lose this beautiful plant.



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forrestal(Gulf Coast z8b)

Right now is the very best time, as soon as you can while the plant is dormant. In fact, if you move it soon, it may not even feel it. (If you wait for warmer weather that is the worst time.) The roots run, they are not tight. So dig as much root ball as you can, and try to keep the root ball intact as much as possible. Replant in lots of organic mix, plant it high. And keep it well mulched and well watered the first year, especially as the weather warms. I would give it a haircut to take some stress off the roots. Especially prune out any "inside" stems. Pinch off any remaining buds this year.

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