Kanjiro for a shady spot?

carolinamaryJanuary 31, 2010

Hello Folks,

I'm wondering about some shady spots for a new Kanjiro sasanqua camellia we are going to be getting.

One spot we are thinking of planting it in is really quite shady, with very little, if any, direct sun. It's presently occupied by a Shishigashira that seems to like the spot fine and has bloomed there with lots of blooms for the last 20 or so years. But we are thinking of moving the Shishigashira to a spot where we can see it better from our usual vantage point, since its closer neighbor, Hugh Evans, has been blocking the view of Shishigashira for many of those 20 years. I'm thinking that once we move the Shishigashira the (15 gallon) Kanjiro we are buying would be easier to see there than the wide but still relatively low Shishigashira.

Another spot is just as shady, if not more so. A nearby Debutante in about that amount of sun gets lots of blooms on her but isn't heavy with foliage and I think she is probably wishing she were somewhere else. Is Kanjiro relatively more shade tolerant than Debutante, in your experience?

What are your experiences with Kanjiro?

Thanks for any input,


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Mary,Kanjiro is a fabulous camellia! I have a hedge of them in filtered light, and they are beautiful. If your Shishi-Gashira has been doing well where it is located, your Kanjiro should do equally as well in the same location. I would not put the Kanjiro in the shadier location where your Debutante is growing. The Debutante should tolerate more heavier shade than the Kanjiro.

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Thanks so much for this information! Well, it's going into the Shishigashira spot for sure. Moving the Shishigashira is going to be tricky, tricky, but I have been thinking about this move for the last ten or so years and once it's done I'll really like the view better.

The Hugh Evans that Kanjiro is going next to was wonderfully fragrant this past year (when we got so much better rainfall than in recent years). I didn't really realize it could be that fragrant. We cut its flowers to bring into the house and I couldn't help but bring it to my nose whenever in its vicinity. I'm hoping for the same sasanqua fragrance with Kanjiro, and read that it's one of the better camellias for cutting too. I'm so looking forward to it now!

Best wishes,

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