First attempts at transplants and I.D.

QSis(6)April 22, 2013

Following the great advice from forum members, I've attempted my first transplants. I cut off the bright green sections so they would stand up flat. Let them callous over for a few days, then set them in cactus potting mix. I have not watered at all yet.

How do I know when to water/mist?

I also saved the original stalk, cutting it off about 4 inches up from the soil, to see what happens, as was also suggested.

And, you guys advised me to learn Latin names of plants, starting with those that I have. I looked through a ton of photos, and decided I have "Myrtillocactus geometrizans",


Guess I should get some pebbles to put on top, since they look so nice in all youse guys' photos!


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How do I post multiple photos in the same post?


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More than one pic Open a photo storage and sharing account from a place like Photobucket and copy in the HTML lines of the pics you want to share

You've seen those things you want to use as a top dressing ?
Well at at times it makes up about 1/3 of the soil as well as top dressing. By chance for the one in the pic this is one of those times.

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I agree, those are overpotted - just a small amount of soil (and no watering of the soil itself, just misting the cutting) is needed. Once it's growing, you can then start to water and upsize its pot into something more suitable.

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If the plant has roots, then water thoroughly. Norma

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The cuttings do not have roots, hence my suggestion.

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Does "overpotted" mean that I put too much soil in the pot?

Thanks for the photo tip, mr. like!

Since I won't be able to see roots when they grow, I assume that if the cactus doesn't wiggle when I touch it, it has roots?

Did I correctly identify the cactus?

Sorry to be such a newbie!


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