Alphabet: Letter H

rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)April 10, 2012

I think there may be a *few* out there chomping at the bit, waiting for this letter to make its debut! LOL

Time to show us your 'H' plants, folks! We know there are hundreds! Genus, species or common name...have at it!

Starting off with:

Have fun with it! Can't wait to see everyone's plants!

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My little Hawortia something...
Rosemary, yours have nice "plump" leaves - I would like to get leaves on my just like that...what is the secret? Thnx!


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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

A bit more water, I think, Rina. =)


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Great Haworthia photos. Amazing colors. I don't have any H plants, so I'll have to enjoy everyone else's.

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Rosemarie, I agree with rina, such plump plants, they have that expectant look on them LOL...

That's a good thing of course .

I would guess its also that nice San Diego weather also, " it isn't fair." : )


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I'm not going to this party until I also see Colleen's plants - I know I'm already beat up silly-headed by Rosemarie's haudacious Haws, I want to know exactly how much I'll be wanting to expand my collection of them after teatree makes her contribution.

Well, OK, as long as I'm here taking up space

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

I AM spoiled with our weather, Greg!

I am DROOLING, Jeff! Love variegated anything. That one is especially nice. Yes, Colleen...we're WAITING!

(I have more, just no time right now.) I'm sure Geoff will help us out too! Anyone have some Hatiora, Hechtia, Huernia, Houseleeks, Hoodia or Hylocereus??

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ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)

Yay, this puts a little shine on this cruddy week! I don't think I'll ever get my hands on something as beautiful as that plant there of yours, Jeff. I've yet to run across a truncata, let alone a variegate. Not that my largely grocery-store-find little hybrids aren't pretty, but I still don't feel like I have many of the "true" forms. Ah, well, one day.

Ah, shoot, too many pictures. At the risk of being rude (hopefully not), I'll go for it, as I know I myself like seeing the shots.

Little Haworthia pygmaea (thank you, Matthew), H. chloracantha var. denticulifera, H. cymbiformis hybrid, H. x cuspidata, H. limifolia var. limifolia, H. attentuata var. variegata, H. venosa subsp. tessellata, hybrid with pups never-ending (two pics), H. attentuata, H. coarctata, a H. cymbiformis form that I should recognize, H. cooperi var. truncata, the H. cooperi var. cooperi festival, H. turgida var. suberecta (two), H. turgida f.variegata, H. coarctata, small I'd assume H. retusa form (two), larger H. retusa form, compact H. retusa, and H. cymbiformis hybrid (two). There are a couple more sittin' upstairs, but I'll wait to photograph the Haworthia limifolia var. ubomboensis till it has grown into a nicer specimen.

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ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)

That H. 'Chocolate' really couldn't look any better, Rosemarie. And the others--some really big clumps there! (Some I want to slip a shade cloth over...haha, I'm wimpy!)

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Rina, forgot to say (in a hurry, you know) I'd suggest you put your Haw in a smaller pot. It's swimming in there. I think it would benefit from a smaller home.

Colleen, Queen of Pristine...your plants are in perfect condition! Are they all indoors-in a greenhouse? I can see why you'd want to put some of my plants under shade cloth. LOL Yes, I am mean to mine-stressing them so. You have Gorgeous plants, beautifully photographed!! I love to see the windows in them.
Beautiful collection you have!

Thanks, Colleen. 'Chocolate' is a fave of mine-I now have 2! I am fuming that a snail took a big BITE out of my older one while I wasn't looking!

If you want to check out the following tweaks (IMHO) to your plant names...
On the 1st: add var. pygmaea (can't tell if it's f. major or f. crystallina)
One you have as attenuata variegata, smooth upper leaf surface =fasciata (f. variegata)
Are there 4 pix of festival? (hope I didn't get mixed up on the name order)
H. turgida v. suberecta is now H. retusa v. suberecta
One you have as turgida variegata looks more like a form of cymbiformis
Your small retusa looks like retusa v. turgida (like my red stressed-I couldn't recall the name when I was messing w/pix)
Your larger retusa looks like retusa v. longibracteata
Your compact retusa looks like retusa v retusa (compact form)
Last 2 look like a type of cooperi, not cymbiformis

My plants are (what you call) grown hard, with lots of sun, little water..and in my case...most severely under-potted. I need to run a few months of emergency triage!! =D Yes, it's okay for you to feel sorry for them! :P I like their California tans.

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

OK, so here's my "H" contribution. I've only posted 13 pictures just in time for this Friday!!!!!! I must say I agree with the other comments about Jeff's variegated H. truncata. It is definitely gorgeous! I'd love to find other hybrids like this and not necessarily variegated. I know there are a ton of Japanese hybrids that are just unbelievable.

Just a note: Pictures 2 and 3 are the same, sort of, plant. They are in the same pot. One side grows as the regular H. retusa (magnifica) acuminata while the other side as the 'variegata'.

Pictures 5 and 10 I've been told are the same hybrid, but then what do I know.... I'm only a 'Doc'

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ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)

IMHO, your honest opinion usually would ring true. :) I'm so dang tired, honestly, that the typing/thinking has gone so out of the window on a couple of those. With attenuata vs. fasciata, the variegate is rough up the outside of the leaf; smooth and pretty on the inner leaf. So you feel it's a fasciata? My vague understanding was that the majority of forms out there are attenuata and H. fasciata isn't come across much, aside from the chronic mislabeling between the two types. But what I hadn't understood was that the roughness takes into consideration the inside of the leaf in addition to the outside..?

Yes, there are four pics of H. cooperi var. cooperi, the favorite child. And thanks so much, as usual! Good to know my guess of H. retusa v. longibracteata that I didn't have the guts to say may be correct there.

The Haws I keep in the house, partly in an attempt to keep them out of the pests' nest that the greenhouse can kind of become at its worst. Favorite cooperi is getting slightly stressed currently, but again, wimpy, so I feel badly for the poor thing and will usually move it back out of the harsh sunshine. I guess, I can't tan, so the plants need not, either. This is a non-tanning house! This is also a skin-cancer house, too, so. :o I'm careful with everybody.

Dang that snail!

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ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)

Howard, those are some magnificent plants. Love those truncata, and the H. pygmaea var. argenteo-maculosa is stunning. Well, they all are.

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thank you for the advice.

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Fantastic Haws every one, I am fresh out og 'H' plants but I am getting plenty of good ideas on what I want to add to my collection, Thanks for showing how beautiful these plants are.
Ronda >^..^

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Hi everyone! I am new to GW, although some of you may know me as Zone10 from DG. I am a certified C/S addict and am lucky enough to live in a place where I can grow outdoors all year. Looking forward to joining in the discussions here and there. I will attempt to post a photo of my favorite "H" plant, Haworthia cv. 'Hayashi'. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it actually shows up.

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Welcome Arid!

Nice Haworthia cv. 'Hayashi' I love the dark color of it.


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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Welcome, Arid! Beautiful Haw!!

Howard, FABULOUS collection! I thought I had already replied to this! Must've been in my sleep! LOL (I know why-I made some notes on the names-will have to find it now. Eek!)

More H plants, click for larger:

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As usual the Haw's are spectacular. Welcome Arid or should I say Sue...she does not know the name game we played and I wanted her to join us here, because we have lots of fun.

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Rosemarie, Nice Looking "H" displays,,one of my neighbors gave me some of these cuttings that look just like these, they didnt know the name and I thought this whole time they were an Epi.

The color on mine is simuliar but more darker magenta ( did I spell that right?) Do you happen to know what type mine would be, I know, I know you need a picture, I keep thinking that your sorta physcic Lol...


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Thanks for the nice welcome's everyone! I love any "excuse" to post photos. I think I take more photos of my plants than my kids! Too bad I missed "A"!

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if you have any 'A' plants (or any other letter that a thread was started), you can still post them on that thread - it will come to the top & we all can see you plants.

Please do post any you have.

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Hello Arid! Good job posting a photo your first time. It can be tricky until you get the hang of it. Good looking plants too! As Rina said, you can post on prior letters, so go for it!


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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Rosemarie, Oops, sorry for my smart phone auto spelling, I meant to write earlier, sometimes I think your psychic .


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I will add 3
H. "Grey Ghost"
H. truncata var maughanii
H. cooperi var. venusta

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Ok one more...had to try and get the thumbpic right..hehe

updated the blog with a few new pics of animals/plants

Here is a link that might be useful: Beachplant blog

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

Rian, your H. truncata var maughanii is very nice because it carries the 'maughanii' cross into the plant. Mine, picture 5 above, looks nothing like what I would have expected the cross to look like... and I purchased it from a very reliable vendor. Thanks for sharing.

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Doc, not certain what you mean - but mine is a true specie and nowadays one of the varieties of truncata. If you look at my blog link I actually have the locality of it there. Not certain what the hybrid would look like, but maybe it should be more truncata?
This one is H. magnifica var. acuminata jdv91/39, which means the clone amongst other things come from Gouritz river mouth near SE of Mosselbay.

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Welcome again, Sue (Arid)! :) I will try to remember to add you to our recent gathering of people's names & handles list! And as others have said, you can add whatever plant you like to the other alphabet letters. There's no rule saying you can't bring the thread to the top again. cuts off at 100 responses (as we found out on the mugshots thread).

Greg, sorry I missed your earlier query! Yes, it would be best to see a pic...and no, I'm not quite that psychic! (Contrary to popular belief, I am NOT the spelling police. Or rather, only when it comes to spelling the plant's botanical Latin name correctly. And that would be so folks can easily find more info on their plants!) As to your large are the blooms? The ones in my pic are about the size of a silver dollar coin. I've never seen a darker magenta (yes, spelled correctly, BTW) bloom on these. Maybe yours IS an Epi!

Rian, all FABULOUS plants!! I have the 'Grey Ghost' as well. Love it. GREAT hair on the venusta!! Which Huernia is it? Or do I need to go to your blog for that? (Will do later, anyway.) :)

Howard, I would think along the same lines as Rian, in that your plant shows more of the truncata than maughanii. I have/had a similar looking hybrid. Also, as Rian said, maughanii is a var of truncata now. Maybe yours was a cross different by which parent was the "tickler" & which was the "ticklee". Hee hee! Nice plants!

Rian, in my Haworthia book by Rudolf Schulz, he says that Bayer suggested that var. acuminata (of magnifica) be put into H. pygmaea.

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ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)

Wowee, some gorgeous pictures added here. Wonderful plants, Rian.

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

Even though the tag says one thing, I personally believe what I have is Haworthia truncata cv 'Sizunami'. And if you look at pictures 5 and 10 you'll see what I mean. I would love to get a H. truncata that used to be a separate species H. maughanii. Must admit, I'm not one for all the name changes, etc.... too old to keep up! So I trust all of you will put up with my nonsense...... please?

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Thanks for the comments.
Oops, sorry - Huernia zebrina. As for Haworthia, the names jump around like popcorn on a hot plate. Grey Ghost is also called various names and so we hop for now plant list and Sibis say its accepted but tomorrow - who knows..hehehe.

You refer to this from bayer: H. pygmaea var. acuminata (Bayer) Bayer, comb. et syn. nov.: H. retusa f. acuminata Bayer in Haw. Handb.: 53 (1976): H. retusa var. acuminata (Bayer) Bayer (1982): H. magnifica var. acuminata (Bayer) Bayer (1999). Type: N of Gouritzmond, Bayer in KG 311/7 (NBG). *H. acuminata.

Do not take this the wrong way - but if I look at all the original people on the back of the names I see bayer, bayer, bayer --- maybe he want to do a new UPDATE - book!? LOL! For me, I am happy to know the origin so that I know the environmental conditions and understand the plant better (maybe - lol) It seems haworthia will re-write itself a few times long after I am not "here" anymore. I do keep an eye on it, but that is about it - for now.

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OK, time to overload this thread (waited long enough I think)...

Huernia kimberlyana (or something like that)

Another Huernia that went crazy and nearly took over an entire plant box... has since rotted... oh well

Hoya 'Hindu Rope' flowers

The plant

can't recall the name of this Hoya.. .very common heart shaped plant, only this one is nicely variegated. Flower shot not great focus... will get better shot this year!

this is the only Hoodia I have managed to keep alive for over a year... only watered it twice... looks the same

Hoya obovata flowers

Hoya polyneura (never had this one flower despite it doing pretty well for 6 years now)

Hatiora (Easter Cactus)

Aloe Hercules (only 4 years from a pot when it was 2' tall... now about 12 feet tall)

Aloe hereroensis

One of many Haworthia 'pots' we set up (only a few remain to this day, though this is one that still exists)

another Haworthia pot creation (wife did this one)

another wife creation... she is pretty imaginative when it comes to making pots... sadly this one got dumped on all the time by trees overhead... eventually most occupants 'left'

nice shot of Haworthia cooperi with backlight

Most Haworthias do not lend themselves well to planting in the garden (most rot or get lost in the vegetation)... but these HAworthia coarctatas do great

one of my favorite Hawothia hybrids (Chocolate)

another Haworthia pot creation

and yet another

this is one of the few I put together

this turned out to be one of the best designs and we still have this pot, though about 1/3 of the occupants no longer exists- side a

side b of some pot

One of my best variegated Haworthias (H attenuata)

another nice Hawothia attenuata form (a Japanese clone)

another pot creation

Hawothia minima (one of the largest species so odd that its name is minima... was originally identified as an Aloe, and for an Aloe it is small... but when reclassified as a Haworthia, the species name stuck

Sansevieria hallii (aka the Baseball Bat plant)

last shot- my Hesperaloe parviflora flower

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I do like the pots of Haworthia. Really nice. Sad that some did not make it. Hoya is my wife's fav. Unfortunately I have not been to find any yet! Thanks Geoff, jaw-dropping as usual.

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