Need sanity check on building hedge maze

UltimaFan(4b)January 5, 2013

By "sanity check" I'm thinking of ballpark figures for cost and work.
I live near Ottawa, Ontario. That's 45.25N and according to Agriculture Canada that puts me in zone 4b. At this time I'm thinking of a plot that's 270 sq. meters (or 2900 sqft. or 0.0667 acres). Passages, I suppose, should be a meter wide and hedges would be about half that.

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You could use arborvitae, which gives you a lot of choices. If you are going to invest the time and money, you may want to add some irrigation, Also a distance of 1.5 meter or more would be better.

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Hmm... ok, assuming I don't make the walls any thicker, 1.5 meter passageways would increase the dimensions to 22mx22m or 5200 sqft. I was already expecting that 2900 sqft. would fail a sanity check.

Irrigation, eh? Actually, a previous owner installed a sprinkler system and since we are on a well, both next door neighbours dropped hints about how unneighbourly it would be to use it, when I moved in. However, I *would* love to have a fountain at the centre. Why would irrigation be worthwhile? Do arborvitae need a lot of water?

An important question would also be my options for the pedestrian ways. Is leaving it natural an option or is it necessary to lay something down, like gravel?

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you can use a mix of materials to create your hedges. Check out tapestry hedging. I don't think sprinklers are necessary. When you have these plants, it's important that they are capable of handling drought as well as wet weather. Trees that get too reliant on irrigation would produce roots that grow near the ground surface instead of growing deep which is what you hope they would do. Yes, trees do suck up a lot of water and like all trees, they should be able to thrive without a timed sprinkler offering water.

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