Cover? Don't cover? HELP!!

seachelleleeJanuary 4, 2010


I am new to camellias - in fact I only have one plant right now. It's a Buttons and Bows. I'm worried because we've been having some pretty cold weather lately. Last night it was down to 10 degrees, and the weather for the rest of the week doesn't look much better. Highs during the day have been in the upper 30's to mid 40's. My plant has some buds on it that are about the size of pencil top erasers. I'm worried that this cold will freeze them so that they won't bloom. Should I cover my plant or will it be OK? From what I've read about Buttons & Bows, it doesn't bloom until April. Thanks for any help!

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Of course you can toss a light blanket over your Camellia every night when needed, removing it after the temperature warms in the morning. Snow flurries predicted here on Thursday night! All the plants in my yard are shivering.

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Yeah, what is with this cold weather?
I'm so disgusted.
I live in South Carolina too, my poor gardenia's little leaves are chattering.
Don't worry that much about your camellia though, it'll probably be fine.
I myself wouldn't cover it, I'd be afraid that I would knock the buds off, but that's just me.
I can't wait til it warms up a bit.

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Thanks for the help! I've put a sheet on it, and am hoping that will help. I moved here in 2005 from Florida, and I like the cooler weather, but this is just silly! I'm looking forward to the 50's they're forecasting for next week.

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In case your interested, there is a camellia show in Aiken Mall this Saturday and Sunday.
Across from Bed, Bath and Beyond.
There are going to be 1000 camellia blooms and also Bonsai.
Stop in if your interested.
I think most people that go to the show have their camellias in a greenhouse. I hope so for their sake.

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There were some Great tips for protecting your camellias from the cold in the January 2010 issue of the Camellia Gardener E-News Magazine. See the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tip to Protect Your Camellias from the Cold

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