Does anyone have a Japanese Tree Peony?

sunita_fleuristeJanuary 11, 2008

I m thinking of buying a root (from Vessey s) and am wondering how it performs in our gardens?

If anyone has one please let me know!


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Yes I have several and they are beautiful. Most garden centres carry them throughout the growing season. You can save yourself the S&H costs by purchasing in the spring.

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The potted Japanese Tree Peonies have a steep price. If roots are available, it may still be more conomical except it may not flower the first year.
Does anyone know if tree peony roots can be divided like the regular peonies?

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sharont(z5 can)

My two long time residents came from Wal-Mart and took three years to bloom. They are so lovely to look at!!. Moved one twice with no side effects. They are hardy shrubs. HavenÂt attempted to split roots yet but apparently they can be split in the fall similar to regular peonies every three to five years. Mine are going to wait as the root I transplanted didn't look overly large yet.
I've just added a third Japanese Tree Peony (yellow) this past November. It also was found on sale at Zehrs in August. The local supermarket may be your best bet (cheaper), saving on mailing costs from the catalogues.

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I have a white Japanese Tree Peony that has a big white flower. I had bought it at White Rose (closed now, too bad). I know it is abit in the future but I may be able to trade roots with your yellow Peony whenever your plant is ready for division if you like this trade.

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Wow...thanks for all the replies!

The one I m getting is the Yellow one...(Kishi I think)...

I was thinking that it would be way more expensive at the garden centre...unless i get it on sale...

I guess it will take longer to bloom though...

Which ones do you guys have and do you have pics??


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green_thumb_guy(Z5 Ont)


Japanese Tree Peonies can not be divided in the same manner that herbaceous peonies can. I don't have my pictures handy were I'm posting from but I'll post a picture later.

Japanese Tree Peonies that we buy are grafted onto herbaceous peony rootstock. This is how they are able to mass produce them.

Most of the time, JPT's do not like to be moved. If you have been able to move yours' without any problems - congradulations! This past spring, I was digging up a few hostas that were planted fairly close to one of my 2 yr old white JPT. I must have knicked a significant root. The plant drooped and shrivelled back a few inches. I lost the bud that was coming but the plant managed to hang on for the rest of the summer.

One of my other JPT's has shoots coming up near the main trunk. It turns out that the rootstock wasn't going to sit idly by. It produced a nice single white peony. It looks quite nice next to the pink JPT bloom. The leaves are definitely herbaceous on this plant.

I always prefer to go and pick my own plants. With mailorder, it's a gamble.

Green Thumb Guy

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The only problem with Japanese Tree Peonies is their flowers last way to short comparing to the price of JPT. I have a very big JPT about 5 feet tall and quite wide, flowers are extremely huge and that is the problem, they break very easy, they bend under such a heavy load and last a day the most two days. Yes they are spectacular but after those few days there is nothing just an ugly tree. Colour of my flowers are something in between red-purple-burgundy nice but as I say they don't last long enough to enjoy them.

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Radovan is right on about the short life of the bloom and it is always frustrating. You wait the whole year and if you are busy for a couple of days at bloom time you can miss the bloom. Also, a day of rain during the bloom puts an end to the flowers. One of our neighbour a block away has asked me to let her know when our JTP blooms because she wants to see the dish like double white peony flowers. I call her but by the time she comes the petals are on the ground! This is however true of most peonies. However, there is something that make us keep the peonies even with their short bloom. May be it is the lasting memory of it (like the W Woodworth's daffodils)

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sharont(z5 can)

Thanks Green Thumb Guy, my gut said the root didn't look similar to Paeonia officinalis but a few interenet sites said to treat JTP as regular peonies when dividing.
I'm presently trying to sprout my own dbl pink seeds. The radicle has appeared but it will be years before I see what type of flower it produces.
Yes, for two to three days I took photos of two blossoms (do not know how to post pics, sorry!) then the blossoms were gone. I find the foliage also attractive. I'd love a circular shaped garden just dedicated to growing JTP. And maybe I'll have one if I find a fourth JTP on sale next summer!

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Thanks again...especially for mentioning the short life of the blooms...I have several regular peonies and am always disappointed in how short the flowering time is...

Ah well...perhaps I ll plant some roses instead...


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Yes, Roses will be better if you have limited space. Look into Marden series of roses (developed in Manitoba) and the Explorer series developed in Ottawa for cold northern climates. Their bloom is not continuous until frost like Hybrid Tea roses but they bloom long enough but survive cold northern winters better than Hybrid Tea roses.

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green_thumb_guy(Z5 Ont)

Sorry for the delay in posting these pics

this one shows the heraceous shoots popping up with the tree peony just behind.

And this one shows the grafted tree peony stalk (which was not much in some plants) onto the herbaceous peony root.

Green Thumb Guy

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msbeekeeper(Zone 3)

I tried but it died. Have no luck with any kind of peony. Give them away when they are almost dead and VOILA!! they bloom for the new owner.Mind you my Tree peony didn't even live long enough to send to a new home. It was yellow one I think.

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I ordered a yellow from Vesey's this Spring and expected I wouldn't receive a bareroot till Autumn. It cost over $100 Cdn prepaid order. Last month I received a surprise package with a payment receipt, however the cellophane bag only had dirt inside: NO PLANT. I called them and they said they would send a plant this time. I received something similar to a peony root but I don't think it is a tree when I compare it to your root graft. Mine looked just like an herbaceous root. I just hope it is what it says it is.

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I've ordered tree peonies from garden centres and from Veseys. Those from garden centres cost less money, but were also much more mature. If you can find one from a good garden centre, your chances of getting a bloom the first year are good. The ones that Veseys send out still take three years to produce their first bloom.

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I love tree peonies and have several

They seem to be carefree and grow in either all sunshine or semi shade

do need water though, to flourish
Marjorie Mason of Mason House in Uxbridge has some nice ones and on sale
I was out to Humber Gardens on the weekend they have some that have flowered already but are expensive.

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I have 5 tree peonies and while blooms don't last long they are spectacular when in flower. There are several I've had for 7 and 8 years and they've grown wide and tall. I don't mind how they look without flowers. Foliage is quite attractive. There's something I learned reading these posts and that is one of the JTP has sprouted from it's herbaceous root. Quite nice looking flowers but it always puzzled me how could I plant it so close. Until now.

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sgyn(Cambridge 5)

I rescued a JTP 3 years ago and this year is its first blooms, they lasted longer the the posts I've read here, but that may be because it is in partial shade, similar to the location it originally came from. Green Thumb Guy is correct about the grafting onto herbaceous. Other research I've done indicates the following. That the graft stock must be managed to avoid it taking over. That winter protection in zone 5 burlap in winter helps alot because
different then Herb P's, JTPs they have eyes along the branches also, and propagation of Itohs can be done by layering an eyed branch to the ground. This takes time but works for patient gardeners. Hope this information helps.

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I have the japanese Peony but not the tree, I've had it since 1999 and it's still alive, this June it has over 80 flowers and it look so amazing people stop by just to asked what kind of plant that was, i never thought it would last that long with the temperature -40 sometimes up to -50. i would love to have JPT i never thought they exist! WONDERFUL. I guess i have to asked our local nursery here in Saskatoon. Thank you for all the information about JPT.

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Cybersunday(z5 ca)

I have about ten, moved them at least twice and they are fantastic. I would not buy them from a mail order catalogue, you do not know what you are getting. Yes, when they produce tons of blooms, it is quite a show

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