Cdn source for 6- or 9-cell inserts for propagation trays?

bev_w(6a)January 6, 2011

Does anyone know of a Canadian source for the cell-pack inserts for plug trays? What I'm looking for is a re-useable item, in a durable, cleanable, rigid material. The regular black plastic ones are so flimsy and, though I try to treat them carefully, they inevitably split and tear so I can't use them again. Such a waste. More landfill.

I tend to use the 9-cell and 6-cell inserts most. Does anyone know of a Canadian supplier? Any ideas for home-made versions?

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Sure - try veseys

and try Lee Valley Tools

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The Veseys ones are plug trays, which isn't exactly what I'm looking for. I guess I could cut up some plug trays into smaller sections and use them like the cell inserts. I'll take a look at Lee Valley. Thanks.

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Vesseys also have other trays but I thought (mistakenly) it was plug trays you were searching for. Anyhow do another search and this time for starting plants. They carry a wide range of growing supplies.

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

Bev, the thin plastic inserts can be put into your equivalent of the blue box for recycling. I re-use mine when possible and then recycle them when split or damaged.

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Beb - I use the black plastic ones because that's all I can find. I get them by the case from Bradford Co-op. They get them through ITML. Maybe you can check the ITML website to see if they have what you want? They have a dealer list so you can check that to see if there is a dealer near you. Marg

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Thanks, Marg. Has anyone been to Kingsville to the A.M.A. plant? Do they sell only bulk / wholesale? Or could I just show up and buy a couple of dozen of something?

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Toilet or paper towel rolls cut down to whatever height you want will fit and work like cells. They're free and decompose in the garden.

Greenhouse growers use the flimsy ones too because they only use them once. It's hard to find harder plastic ones because you have to wash them carefully so they don't transfer possible organisms/problems in future plantings.

Just a thought.

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kenfarrell_hotmail_com has a few options for the basic variety. I bought mine from BFG Supply by the case in Lancaster NY, which is near Buffalo. Also I have talked to people at AMA Plastics and they will sell by the case and even ship.

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