Succulent help!!

nmd15April 16, 2014

Hi! I am a beginner when it comes to plants. I am unable to post more than one picture but my succulent (not sure what type) began as a dark purple color with its leaves pointing up. A year past and my succulent turned green and the leaves opened up and was very full, I ended up repotting it because it was too wide for its previous pot. Months have passed in its new pot but now my succulent is getting tall and it's very thin looking now. Also the leaves at the bottom keep drying up and falling off, while the top remains fine. I noticed it has small budding plants coming off the bottom of the stem as well and I am not sure if that is affecting the way it grows. I'll admit, I know verrrrryyy little about plants, but I would really like to help my succulent grow healthy!!

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Here is how my succulent looked when I first got it years looks completely different now, I don't know what happened to it

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Looks like he does'nt get out much, ( lack of sun ) actually that's what he needs a good sun bath. What zone are you in maybe it doesn't allow for that and it could only make it worse. If that's the case place him in the brightest window.
To me it appears to be an aeonium of some sort & then the color ChAnGeD completely from being indoors.

Have a great day, Greg

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I live in texas, so I have plenty of sun, however how much sun is appropriate? I noticed I used to put him outside on my balcony (east facing balcony and windows..I live in an apartment) and his leaves would get really mushy from the sun, maybe a sunburn? So every since then I kept him inside and near a window...and yeah..there isn't too much sun since I kept the shades only semi open.

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

nmd15, Ok so there dif. No problem with sun light there in Texas so place him in some area where there's Bright light maybe a little full sun too like an hour or 2 then back into some area where there's bright light. this will help in getting him acclimated to the sun & bright light.
Do you keep it indoors only? It does appear that way.

My aeoniums stay outside always and sometimes in 100 degrees weather or temps. and just thrive! I'll send you a picture of some in the Sun.


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Thank you so much for your help! Yes...indoors only.. Haha I kind of babied him, hence why he is even called a "him"...hey I'm trapped in an apartment with no animals, it's the next best thing! I am going to keep him outdoors now, the weather right now is perfect, warming up but not insanely hot. I live in south texas, so my balcony gets extremely hot and direct sunlight at certain times of the day in the summer time. I thought that it was too much for him in the summer since a few times his leaves got mushy ( I felt them with my fingers and they would just smoosh in my hands), that is a sign he has gotten too much heat right? But I'm going to take your advice and give him the sun he needs and just be more careful when it becomes full on summer here again. I would love to see a photo! Thanks again for the advice!

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

For some reason I am unable to post pictures again I'm not sure if it's that I've reached the Maximum amt. for the month or what but this happens ocassionally on here while using my phone.

So my picure will be momentarily postPONED :)


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Haha well I look forward to seeing it! My succulent is currently on my balcony enjoying the sun :) hopefully soon he'll be back to his normal self!


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The poor guy certainly needs more light, but putting him directly into full blasting sunlight the way he is now, may be too much. Better let him acclimate gradually: First in shadow, then short periods in the sun, then gradually more exposure.

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