Scented camellias

Temecula(z9/19 CA)February 8, 2004

I just left the Camellia Forest web site (are they reputable?) where I found descriptions of scented camellias. I've never noticed scent in a camellia before, but I am pretty new to them. If you are familiar with any of these, I'd love to hear your comments. Also if you could post pictures or can give me heights, bloom times, etc. that would be great. These are the varieties I read were scented:

Cinnamon Cindy

Cinnamon Scentsation

High Fragrance


Spring Mist

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that nursery received good marks from the people who report to garden watchdog. i have not ordered from them, but i would not be hesitant to do so.
if you will do a search at gardenweb for "fragrant camellias", you should find many posts pertaining to that subject.
if i recall, the question of fragrance is subjective, depending on the sniffer. in other words, probably average to slight fragrance at best, on a good day.

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bungalow_mikee(z10 CA)

High fragrance- Pale ivory pink with deeper pink shades at edge. Medium, peony form. Vigorous, open growth, mid to late season.

Scentous- Miniature to small loose peony. White with pink near edges. Growth upright and willowy. Mid season

Spring Mist- Small, semi-double, blush pink shading to white. Vigorous, upright, open growth, Mid season

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bungalow_mikee(z10 CA)

Since you are in CA you might want to check out Nuccio's Nursery in Altadena. They are world famous!

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jane_socal(Sunset 23/z10)

An article in the LA Times yesterday(see separate posting) quotes Tom Nuccio as saying, re 'High Fragrance,' "On a scent scale of 10, this one's an 8 or 9." It's noted as "a descendant of the sweet-smelling C. lutchuensis." The accompanying picture shows a ruffly pink-and-white flower.

Three slightly fragrant Japonicas in my garden are Herme (aka Jordan's Pride),Silver Waves, and Kramer's Supreme. It's kind of nice to stick your face in them and notice a little something that most Japonicas don't have.

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mrbee(7b NC)

Cinnamon Cindy is surely scented but degree varies from year to year. The flower is a light pink miniature.

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Temecula(z9/19 CA)

Ooh . . . High Fragrance sounds like what I need! What does a miniature mean, the bush or the flower? Thanks!

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philomel(8Gers SWFrance)

The majority of C sasanqua and its cultivars are beautifully scented if you have the climate to enjoy their autumn/winter flowering

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Another good fragrant hybrid camellia it Kato-No-Kaori. It is a miniature, pink, semi-double with great fragrance and a very small leaf. A camellia species, Grijsii Zhenzhucha, has an unusual fragrance of anise or licorice. Sweet Emily Kate is another good fragrant small bloom, blush pink shading to pale pink at the center. It is a good canidate for a hanging basket with it's pendulous growth habit. Check with Nuccio's Nursery in Altadena.

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longriver(SF Bay Area)

I just posted some information and discussion about fragrant camellia in the section of " Fragrant Plant Forum" of this Garden W.

AngelSmell even helped me to post a picture of my seedling flower.

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Amy_the_Gardener(SoCal Zone 9)

I just smelled some cut flowers Herme (Jordan's Pride) on my desk. There is a slight fragrance if you stick your nose right to the center of the flower. I don't smell anything even if I am just a few inches away. But the flowers are gorgeous and the plant is 8 feet tall without receiving any watering during summer. It's on our other empty house.

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Sweet Emily Kate, High Fragrance, Scentuous are the most fragrant Camellias to date. I grow all three. Cinimon Cindy does not have much scent. My nose is too old to get anything out of it. I have found that in the order listed above, is highest fragrance to lower. There are some who say that Kramer's Supreme has some scent. I could never smell it.


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This is awfully late to be helpful to you, but maybe the next person...They (The people at Camelia Forest) are wonderful with VERY scented camelias! I have had mine for years now and love their beautiful mid-winter fragrance!

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