marcie_new(z8)April 29, 2010

Iwas attempting to post a picture but I am doing something WRONG i openned another tab to photobucket, click on the topleft corner of the picture and I tought that a set of code numbers would appear at he bottom then I would click on Gen-html(newpage) then copy and paste to post BUT as I click on top of left corner of the picture it takes me to a different page and that page just produces a bigger picture and it says to edit or copy or something. so what I did I copied the numbers it gives me in there and see if they work they are--

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threas(z7 PA)

Marcie, hover your mouse over the picture, a white box will appear below the picture. Check the box or boxes, for more than one picture. Now, scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will click on "Generate HTML code". Copy and paste First code here. Voila!Now preview your message, the pix should show up. It will be a clickable thumbnail.Hope this helps.


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Marcie, hope this helps. If you want larger pix posted, go to the bottom of the pix you want to post and copy the HTML code and paste it here, e.g.

If you want thumbnail pix, click on the small box right under your pix, then go to the bottom of the page with all your pix "Generate Html and IMG code" and click. This takes you to a separate page with different codes. I copy the first one, paste it here, and I delete the word center at the beginning and end of the code to have my pix flushed to the left. You can also copy multiple pix.

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Lets see

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You've got it now Marcie and there will be no stopping you in posting pictures of your plants, LOL!

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