camellia in central MD

mkand(7MD)February 8, 2005

I am thinking of including a camellia in my vaguely japanese style evergreen border in the front of my house in Baltimore city- the bed gets western, afternoon sun and is quite warm as we are in microclimate due to reflected heat from the stone house. Rosemary thrives in this space and at 3 years is now over waist high.

I am looking for an upright variety that doesn't grow too wide, or can be maintained in a narrow form. I'd prefer pink flowers.

Any suggestions or am I just dreaming- many thanks for any advice offered


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Camellia 'Springs Promise' is a
VERY HARDY pink flowered camellia. It is one of the ice angel hybrids. Should do well in your climate and could be pruned to about any shape you would like as long as you prune it just after it flowers.

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Check out the list at the American Camellia Society Website,

Here is a link that might be useful: Very Cold Hardy Camellias (Zone 6)

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DonBrinser(z6 MD)

By all means, Mary, get to know the Ackerman Cam. group. Dr Ackerman started breeding these a number of years ago, & while the flowers are not as spectacular as the japonicas, they're quite beautiful & hardy. Ackerman lives & works in Montgomery County, Maryland - & I grow some in my garden north of Hagerstown. Also, don't forget that an enclosed courtyard creates a microclimate, especially if the enclosing walls are masonry; you could gain an entire zone in spots like that.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ackerman varieties

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