Can you recommend a sasanqua camellia?

Bhamster(7b)February 8, 2013

We just had to remove 4 huge elaeagnus that tipped over from heavy rain last month. They were on a slope that's about 5-6 feet high and divides our backyard from the neighbor's that is set higher up.

I would really like to plant Edward Goucher abelia but because they're supposed to be so popular with bees, I don't want to upset the neighbors if they don't like having so many bees in their backyard. I know they like camellias and so wondered if I could put a row of camellias at the top of the hill and then place the abelias lower down on our side. (I'm no good at estimating, but I would think we've got about 8 feet of space to work with--with about 20 feet in width.)

We wouldn't be able to really get up to these camellias once we plant them, so are they even a good candidate for this? We would want something that wouldn't get too huge and could take not great soil and full sun.

Thanks for your help.

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Camellias will need soil that drains well and some sun protection during the summer months. A source of soil moisture will also be needed so you can water during dry periods. The soil also needs to be acidic or not very alkaline.

Some sasanquas you could look for in local nurseries are Yuletide, Setsugekka and Kanjiro. Chansonette, Shishigashira and Bonanza are also good ones but they tend to spread.

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