Camilla House Plant - Brown Leaves

bobfowkes(6 Boston Burbs)February 4, 2008

I noted a few other posstings on this, but when I try to access them i get a "File Missing" error.

My Camillia's leaves are turning brown/brittle and dropping off, one by one. It's located in my sun room (SW facing) so it get's plenty of light. The room temp is 66F during the day, 58 F at night. Watered weekly, never dries out.

Anyone have an idea?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Growing these plants indoors is rather challenging. They prefer the high humidity and cooler temperatures of a warm climate/temperate winter. Those that have had success seem to do so in a chilly room that is not dried out by heating systems. I have a relative (in Ohio) who successfully grows them in her unheated sunroom. She keeps the humidity level up to around 60% or more.

You might also want to check the moisture content of your plant. It should never be watered on a calander schedule, but according to whether it needs it or not. The best way to determine that is by 'feel'. These plants do not need to be kept constantly moist, especially in the winter.

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I have a camilla outside next to our new patio that needs to be moved to another locations. It is cramped with the fence & overgrows the patio. When is the appropriate time to move it? I do not want to loose it & it is about 4 ft. tall, double pink blooms. thank you.

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