It is Pink and Pinks

longriver(SF Bay Area)February 22, 2009

This new pink flower has been in bloom for one week, measured at 4 and 1/2 inches without gib. This only one and the first flower of my seedling which has some reti parentage. It appears like a watercolor painting with different pink shades.

Camellia flower is affected by the environment. The same plant can be great at one garden and poor under a different environment.

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Is the color of the photography real?.... Then, beside being a beautiful flower, it is a flower to register. You already know, that there are many flowers of form anemone, red, of this measure. But roses and with tones, they are scantier flowers. A great flower the one that You obtained.

Here is a link that might be useful: SEC (SCS)

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What a wonderful flower, and in this size and so beautyful! You obtained this one only from a seed? Who are the parents, you know it?
It's a very lovely flower! Thanks for sharing!

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longriver(SF Bay Area)

I love to answer your questions. During my early days, I used the plastic tag for label. Many of them were mismanaged and lost. Now my metal tag shows clear parentage.
1. It is 'Wang's white 50% reti seedling # 12' X 'Elegans Champagne'.----- # 12 is white hybrid with pale pink tone at outer petals. 'E. Champagne' is white with creamy center, mutated from pink flower. I can see that this seedling shows reversed both parentage color to be pink, with slight lighter color at center petaloids. This not true to all the situations. Sometimes the seedlings do not show reversed color to parentage's.
2. The color at early stage is like the picture as I posted. In California it is raining season, the picture color is very true under shady condition. After 3 to 4 days the flower color is getting slightly lighter yet ever pink color formations are still the same.
3. After 3 to 4 days, I have raised the rating to "getting better". Because the flower extended to almost 5 inches. The outer petals are positioning with slightly waved petal formation like reti hybrid.

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Thank you very much, longriver!
You are a very great observer with the eyes of an artist, too! LOL
This is, sure, a very nice flower and even with the recurved, slightly waved petals, these colours so precisely identified, and the anemone form - I admire!

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The intervention is magnificent of " Elegans Champagne '. You have obtained Camellia's beautiful and rare hybrid. I do not know any hybrid of Camellia reticulata with form anèmona. I believe, that when his your camellia hybride has the necessary years, you should register in the ICR. On Sunday, the 22nd of February, I gathered these photos for the web page of the SEC. The Exhibition that was celebrated in VEDRA. There, the fans presented many beautiful Camellias reticulata. Here the Camellias reticulata already are in full flowering.
Daniel Dominguez Fernandez oKintos
Camellia reticulata FOURTY-NINER

Camellia reticulata LASCA BEAUTYÂ

Here is a link that might be useful: XV Camellia Show VEDRA 2009/2/21-22

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longriver(SF Bay Area)

Signor oKintos : I always think I am too much on camellias. After viewing your slide show I know I am only a very mild and reserved Camellia-mania.

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