nikkineel(GA 8/7b)February 23, 2008

We transplanted some really old Camellias in November. The person building our pool "moved" them initially and we have been babying them all winter. We are in Georgia. They are quite leggy since finding their new home and I'm not sure how much to prune them. Any advice?

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

You can contact these people in Georgia for specific questions:

or you can also review the recommendations of the American Camellia Society on pruning here:

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This is my first post ever after living 18 months in Smyrna, GA -- (Cobb County zone 7A but shown sometimes as 7A.) I have searched camellia forums (and read about the 45-year old transplant) but still have a transplant question. In Sept. 07 I moved into a 15-year-old home and want to transplant an unknown cultivar (classic reddish color) camellia japonica, kept pruned to about 6 ft because of oval decorative window above it, that originally was espaliered against front of red/orangey-color GA-brick house, facing south with no shade except a gutter overhang. In front of the tiny planting bed is a huge white concrete driveway expanse, adding heat reflection. Camellia still blooms, very late (March), and pulled away from its espaliered setup years ago. So it's completely flat on back. Still okay in front but leans slightly forward; small amount of leaf disease that I haven't bothered researching in past 18 months since too busy on inside of home. Now it's time. But after reading of the $$ of equipment, giant spades, etc., I think maybe I should chop it down and buy a new one to plant in the back yard, which has mix of morning sun and afternoon shade. A UGA horticulture prof told me to cut around its roots right now and let it sit that way, where it is, till next year. Then transplant it next February and prune it back, leaving only 1/3 of it. It was Q&A session, so no time to get any more info. Maybe I misunderstood something. I am hesitant to do that UGA method since I don't have enough knowledge.

I would appreciate any experienced opinion. And I know I could contact the North GA expert listed with a phone number only. Thanks for a great site; I'm glad I found it.

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Whoops, on my question above on transplanting espaliered Camellia japonica, I made a typo on my Smyrna (within city limits) growing zone, in Cobb County. Cobb is considered 7B as part of metro Atlanta, but UGA website shows it as 7A.

(As a newbie, I would also be interested in opinions on which zone I'm in: 7A or 7B?)

Thanks again.

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