help with hibiscus

tommickJanuary 21, 2014

A friend gave me a hibiscus plant not sure of exact type, but i carried it home in -14celsius a 2 min walk now a lot of the leaves went almost transparent and kinda soggy looking, did i just kill it? or can it be trimmed where there is obvious damage? Or will they bounce back to life at some point??

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Hopefully only leaves got killed.
It happened to me years ago while moving; had a benjamina tree. It was moved only about 8km, in a moving truck (and with plastic bag over it), but temps were very similar & all the leaves fell off. Looked dead. I just left it inside, watered occasionally, and by summer it started to sprout some leaves. 17yrs later, and it is still alive.
Hope for the best.


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thnk you rina, im going to follow ur advice and wait to see if it springs back to life, it seems that its just the leaves on the tallest branches are willting!!

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I agree with Rina. The leaves died and perhaps the smaller branches/twigs. A way to tell if it's still viable is to lightly scrape the bark off a part on the main trunk. If it looks likely a lively green, it's fine.

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