Miracle Gro

growneatJanuary 17, 2013

Are Miracle Gro products widely available in Canada?

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Pudge 2b


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Oh yes, they are everywhere. Cannot escape them.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Hard as you try to... LOL

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Yes they are readily available in Canada--in fact almost everywhere. Not that I'd ever buy them. I think Niracle grow products are inferior products and I've had much more sucess with other products.

Their plant starter medium is pure peat. I much prefer pro mix.

Their water soluble fertilizer doesn't work as well as Plant Probe even though they are supposed to have the same things.

Their time release fertilizer is not as good as CIL or Nutragrow. So for me I pass by those huge displays of Miracle grow and go to other products

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Miracle Gro used to be a goof fertilizer but alas they were bought out by a major company and now they are not worth the price.

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If I am correct Miracle Gro is a division of Monsanto. I would never give them my money. They've caused enough problems.

There are so many other options and natural options as well that will provide a much better yield. Check out greenhouses, hydroponic stores (they are very knowledgeable), and specialty seed stores. Avoid big box name retailers. The products may cost a bit more, however I have found they go farther and offer more bang for my buck.

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Miracle-Gro....the Gatorade of fertilizer.

It works but anyone in the know uses more specialized products.

I only use it for hanging baskets.

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Yes....MG is a staple in our gardens....just wish they the equivelent for our 2200 acres of barley, canola and alfalfa, but that would be too costly....We will have to stick with the Agrium products that are cost efficient

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It's like an athlete's choice between good clean hard work and healthy food or a quick fix of steroids... And plants on steroids (MG) are most likely to be targeted by pests and less resistant to disease.

Nothing better than a good topdressing of compost!

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tiffy, are you still able to access all that great seaweed for your compost/gardens?

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

I like to use liquid fish fertilizer, but it is hard to find now. It used to be available everywhere.

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In general I am opposed to MG, as I am into organic gardening. That said, I am relatively new to gardening (only a few years now), and when I started I decided to buy one box of the watersoluble MG granules "for emergencies".

I have to say it has done it's job in that respect. When I have a plant that is failing and I don't understand why, very often adding a little MG when watering helps keep the plant alive long enough for me to figure things out! LOL!!

I'd never use it on something I was going to eat - but I have used it for "triage" on flowers, as I learn. One box has so far lasted me about three years, and it's only half gone - so I haven't given them much of my money!

I would prefer to have something NOT manufactured by their company honestly, but organic fertilizers are too gradual to really use for plant-"ER" (or perhaps the folks here can give me a welcome alternative!).


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Susanne27(5a Ontario Canada)

I am in Ontario and this year I noticed that miracle gro and McKenzie seeds are all that is in the stores? What happened? How did they get a monopoly on these products all of a sudden? This is not good news for consumers. We need choice and also to be able to comparison shop for price. Anyone else noticing the same thing this year?

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Canadian Tire is carrying Schultz products as well as MG this year. I have much better luck with Schultz seed starting mix than with MG, which i've only bought when i needed something to start seeds and nothing else was available. I've heard it described as "crack cocaine for plants". Not too positive! LOL

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Hi!! Hectic winter here. Finally moved. I've had people call and tell me I'm welcome to clean their beaches of the winter seaweed so yes, I'll be doing that very soon. :O) Starting to gather used coffee grounds already and might have a scource for banana peels. PARTY!!!!

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