Kristi1931(9)March 6, 2012

Hi, new to garden forums. I also posted to the cottage section as I am looking at some of the features of cottage gardening in our yard. It looks like there have been some threads on clover lawns but I don't think they were recent or limited to California. I'm trying to develop more water-wise gardening practices particularly with the rain shortage we've had this year. It looks like white clover is the most popular grown variety. Have you had luck with this in your lawn? I'm hoping to just overseed our mixed bermuda grass and rely less and less on lawn sprinklers. Would love feedback on your positive clover lawn experiences in California! :)

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Good for you for trying to conserve water. I'm actually very interested in the same. I researched a few months back but did not find any local sources for clover seed, in the Bay Area, CA. I found websites to order online, but I prefer to buy in person. If anyone has recommendations for bay area clover seed sources, or just additional info for myself and/or the original poster, would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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White Clover, sometimes called Dutch Clover, I have used as a cover crop in the orchard. It is turned into the soil with the annual cultivation to benefit the soil. I buy mine by the pound from farm supply sources. Al

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Thanks both. I am also probably going to get rain barrels and eventually switch over to more drought tolerant flowers. The ones I have now seem to do okay on once a week waterings though. Haven't really even turned on the sprinklers. I will probably just order white clover online as I have not seen it locally either. I'll let you know how it goes.

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