'Jenny Lynn'?

buckcity(08)February 13, 2010


Looked at every picture on the American Camellia Society encyclopedia for this japonica (sold to me as 'Jenny Lynn):

The closest I found was 'Herme.'

(Link: http://www.americancamellias.org/display.aspx?catid=3,136,137,153&pageid=306 )

Don't know where nurseries get their names from but I know that many of the camellias I have don't match the picture listed on the online encyclopedia.

So I was wondering if anyone had heard of a camellia japonica 'Jenny Lynn' before?

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The picture in your post is definitely 'Herme'. I took the following picture of 'Herme' yesterday.

There is no camellia named 'Jenny Lynn' that has been registered, but there is a camellia that was registered in 1938 that was called 'Jenny Lind'. This variety was a sport or mutant of 'Herme'. The name 'Jenny Lind' was replaced by another name called 'Beauty of Holland'. I took the picture below of 'Beauty of Holland' (aka 'Jenny Lind') yesterday.

I hope this info may help a little. There are too many names and synonyms in Camellia Nomenclature, so issues like this one are unfortunately common. I am involved with the development of a huge searchable database that will soon be launched on CamelliaWeb. Hopefully, it will enable everyone to find answers to problems like yours much quicker.

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Can't thank you enough!

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