I want to grow a camelia

bluebetty(7)February 8, 2008

The Dh and I are originally from New Orleans and on our wedding night it was so late and we were so hungry we at at this local diner called the "Cameila Grill"...LOL it was of course a special night for us.

since Katrina we have moved to north Mississippi and built a new home with no garden....I'd like to plant a Cameila. Is there one that exists that can be planted in my zone and in full sun. My MIL's name is April Dawn so I was hoping that one or April remembered. But really anyone will be special to us and remind us of the day we got Married. :)

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Hi bluebetty! How wonderful that you are starting a new beginning. Hopefully the horror of Katrina will soon fade.

I wish I could help with specific camellia suggestions, but since I'm in Florida, what grows well here may not do well where you are, and vice versa.

Almost all of the sasanquas can take full sun if irrigated on a regular basis. There are a few japonicas and hybrids that can also (usually some of the reds..."Royal Velvet" is one of them), but most of them like partial sun with some relief during the day. The lighter colored blooms can burn.

See if there is a local camellia society and attend some of their meetings if you can. I just joined ours and the group is wonderful, with many helpful suggestions. The American Camellia Society may be able to research some information for you also.

Good luck. You'll have so much fun with your new garden. The whole April series of camellias are so lovely. I hope one of those are on the list of the ones that do well in your area.


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longriver(SF Bay Area)

Bluebetty and Dh: Very good timing that means start growing camellias early. A good hobby will make you happier and live longer.

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Thanks Sandy...Katrina didn't affect me emotionaly as much as it did others so truly I feel lucky. Blue refers to my flower preference and music preference....not my state of mind...:) but thank you for your kind words.

Long River....our garden brings us closer together. It bring us much joy....and causes many arguments....LOL.

I'm so jealous of Florida....wish I could grow oranges and lemons...

I forgot do have a shaded area I can place a camelia or 2.....I was going to do a hydrangea but I have a ton of them. Is there a particular one in the April series that has great fragrance?

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All April Camellias will be excellent choice for you in terms of hardiness. I would not plant them in full sun though. Utilize your shady spots. North or west exposure is the best.
You can ask Camellia Forest folks about fragrance. April Camellias are their introductions. They answer emails quickly and in friendly manner.

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Thanks Alina

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I planted two white flowering camellias last year and they were doing great and all of a sudden one has black spots on all the leaves. The nursery said it wasn't not insects or a fungus. Will the leaves fall off and come back or should I toss the camellia?

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