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JoBrutonJanuary 8, 2014

we have just brought 3 large Majesty Palms from Ikea to have in the house. We have followed the watering instructions but are finding the leaves on the palms are going CRISPY.
The plants are not in direct light and are at least 5 feet away from the window in the rooms. We water only when top soil feels dry to touch.
Some leaves are brown and some are yellow which I understand is from watering to little or too much. My concern is to why the leaves on the palm are crisping up.
Please help as we don't want to kill the plants off.
Thank you, Jo

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Jo, is it crisping/browning from the tips? or is the browning appearing in random spots? Did you transplant the plants? There was a disruption of the watering - and that could have been caused by either by transplant shock, or simply it went through a dry spell, or overwatering,

A common problem is that plants in stores get neglected - hence watering is not regular. If it went through a drought condiiton and then suddenly deluged with water, the tips will brown but the rest of the plant will continue to remain green. Just water small amounts but do it regularly. Don't let the plant completely dry out.

Another common problem, the plant gets overwatered and when this happens, the cells in the leaves burst because of too much water. Cells acts like a balloon. When that happens, dry spots will show up where the cells have died off. The solution is to cut back on the amount of water but try to reach a regular but not overly damped soil.

Transplant shock occurs when the roots get disturbed(injured) and so the plant is unable to suck up any moisture. So once this occurs, the only thing to do is to cut down your watering, add a little at a time til the roots recover. Normally one would water the plant for a full hour before transplanting so the plant is well hydrated before being transferred. There are supplements that are offered for transplanted plants but I've never used them before and so can't say how effective they are. Also, never ever fertilize a newly transplanted plant for the same reason. The roots cannot absorb those chemicals and also it could burn the roots.

Palms like good amount of indirect sunlight (say in a south facing window). These also need to have regular watering- not overwatered. They do like humidity and standing the pot on a plate with pebbles and water will help.

So I hope you would find your answer from any of these possibilities.

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