Saying hi to everyone, and one question.

lovetogrowflowers(8)May 19, 2012

Well another growing season is among us. I'm proud to announce that all 4 of my in ground brugs are showing new signs of life. Ive not even had to fertilize these babies. A couple are already about 3 feet tall. One I overwintered in a pot and it too is already about 2-2.5 feet tall. Ive also got four o'clocks popping up, cleome coming back like mad, lol. I weeded a lot of it out and only kept the good sturdy healthier ones.

I'm so happy. I just hope that this summer isn't to hot where my brugs don't bloom. But last year toward the end it cooled down, and I also believe although some disagree that the bloom booster did help a little with my brugs.

Now my question: I purchased two Lantana Mozelle and was told with good mulching these should also return next year in my zone.

My question is I like things that keep blooming all summer and read that they will if I cut back the tips around mid summer. Now me being new still, what part of a lantana would be the tip? Would that be the part like just below the the blooms, kinda like I cut back cleome to encourage more blooms? I still get confused on pruning things. I hate to cut anything at all, lol.

This isnt my plant but this is the color I have and Im not sure where the tip would be on a plant like this. I feel so stupid :-(

Thanks to everyone in this group who has helped me in the past, especially those that helped me with getting my brugs growing a few years back.

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Good Morning LTGF-
You are correct in saying the terminal is just below the flower buds. I've planted these too in hopes that the will come back next year. Yours certainly should, you are in a warmer zone than mine (7b) Best wishes on your angels this year! :)

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