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gardensnail22February 5, 2008

Hi I am new to this forum and have recently had a renewed interest in camellias. I went to a show last week and am going on a camellia walk this coming weekend. It has given me the bug to try to identify my few camellias. These flower are from the same plant. It was in bad shape a few years ago and I pruned it heavily and transplanted it. I put it in a large pot and it had recovered nicley. Now a few branches bloom pink and most bloom the pink and white. Anyone have an idea "who" this is?Thanks,Jane

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Jane, I'm new to this forum too. It really moves slow compared to some others I frequent! I can't ID your camellia, but good save on it! It's beautiful. How fortunate to be living in the middle of the camellia belt! I'm on the Northern fringe, up here in VA. We try to obtain the hardier varieties. Thanks to Dr. Ackerman who has bred numerous hardy hybrids at the Nat. Arboretum.

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Dave, I was begining to think no one was going to reply. You are right about it moving slow. I frequent th hoya forum and responses are almost immediate. I am suppose to go on a camellia walk tomorrow, they are so many around here, but there is also a dog parade (Any excuse to have a parade when you live just north of New Orleans)If I do go on the camellia walk Ill post some pictures. Thanks for responding Jane

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Jane, I just joined the local camellia society here in the Wash, DC area. A gentleman grower told me the variegated flowers can result from either genetics or a virus. Sometimes people graft a small branch known to have the virus onto a solid-colored variety to introduce the virus -- and get variegated flowers. I'm really new to camellias, so any information is new info to me! I just moved to a new house with a large yard so I hope to fill the semishady spots with lots of camellias.

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