planting butterfly bush in aug...

jilliebean9700(7a)July 31, 2011

is it ok? or should i wait til it cools a bit? i am worried about them getting root bound in the pots. should i move them to bigger pots til fall?? right now they are outside still in nursery pots in part shade so they wont dry out so quick.

would love your advice. i bought them for $3 each-bc they were such a steal i had 2 grab 'em up. should i take cuttings,then plant & hope for the best???

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wifey2mikey(7a Tulsa, OK)

It probably depends on how hot you all are. Two of my three butterfly bushes are really struggling in this heat. I'll be surprised if I don't lose one of them. We're projected to hit 111 this week... Not even soaking them with water every day can combat that.

A local nursery here has some beautiful black eyed susan's on sale. I'm too scared to even try in this heat...


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we have been pretty darn hot high 90's for almost 2 weeks

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my other (established) BFB's seem to be doing fine though.

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My DH rooted a bunch of cuttings of Butterfly Bushes in small styrofoam coffee cups. I have been planting them even in this heat.

I make the very best planting area possible with lots of organic compost and other good stuff, always mulching well with wood chips and leaves on top of the wood chips.

I water deeply and daily, if needed.

So far, they are growing strongly and look healthy.

I figured they had a much better chance in the ground than in those tiny cups.

I still have a few more to plant. Hoping to finish soon. We FINALLY, Thank God, got some rain last night and again today!


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