Camellias that will flower profusely in full shade

linkyMarch 23, 2005

In an earlier post I asked about the most floriferous camellias but failed to mention that I am replacing a cam in a location that is in virtual shade. It is under an eave, facing north ands gets maybe 1 hour of very early sun? I'm hoping to compensate for the lack of light by planting a camellia that flowers so much that even in full shade, it puts on a show. Anyone have any suggestions?

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forrestal(Gulf Coast z8b)

The sasanqua 'Mine No Yuki' will do fine in full shade and still bloom heavily, and will lend itself to espalier. I have several, maybe 9-10, in deep shade under a thick tree canopy.

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Last week I called Nuccio's and asked for recommendations for camellias that would do well in full shade. They recommended the following: Buttermint, Nuccio's Pearl, Nuccio's Gem, Shiro Chan and I think Pearl Maxwell was mentioned as well. They discouraged me from Sasanquas.

I believe the tag on Chandler Elegans at my local nusersery said it did well in full shade. On Monroiva's site the beautiful Bella Rosa (I saw this one at my nursery and ws taken with it) had contradictory information listed. The catalog description states full or part shade; under growing conditions it reads full to part sun. Mine No Yuki's description stated "full sun or shade." On the Monrovia site, several of the cams that Nuccio's had recommended to me said 'filtered shade' rather than full shade.

It's hard (not having real world experience growing camellias) to know what might work out best in my low-light situation. Forrest Al, I am leaning towards your suggestion because of your great success with White Doves even though our climates may differ. Do you do anything special with your plants to get the great results you describe? Thank again for your suggestions and feedback.

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forrestal(Gulf Coast z8b)

All of those japonicas are marvelous. As individual cut blooms they would be far superior to a sasanqua. For the greatest profusion of garden color, however, it is hard to equal a sasanqua in full bloom. And it grows more quickly and is easier to train on a wall. Whites show more brightly in shade. In the end, it is what you like that counts.

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For the record, my 'chandler elegans' and 'Nuccio's Pearl' have yet to bloom in the shade, and it has been two years. However, I am not a super-experienced camellia person, so I might be doing something else wrong.

Any tips would be much appreciated by me as well! All over the area I see lovely camellias, but not mine.


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