Some blooms and pics of my family trip.

fool4flowers(8)May 25, 2010

Just wanted to show some neat pics from the weekend and some surprises from the greenhouse. The stuff full sun is looking ragged. Have to do some work on that, lol.

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When did you stop being a blonde? You look great and I can't believe how big your grandson is. He's so cute. That plantation home and grounds are beautiful. Where is it located? Your flowers look great and your Nun's orchid looks good. I wonder why mine blooms over the winter?

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threas(z7 PA)

Looks like Forest Gump's home!LOL Gorgeous! Love the moss hanging from the trees. Are your orchids in the ground? They are beautiful! Pond is cute!So is your Grandson!


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Good to see you posting Kristy! You look fantastic, and your family is beautiful especially your GS! Is the purple "iris" a gamecock? I had some bloom for me in a small pot with water and I was thrilled. What is that cement looking barrier in your pond for? Is it a landing for frogs, turles?

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Kristy, you look great, and your grandson is just as cute as he can be. Love the pictures, looks like a plantation in Louisana. Your plants have come back, and look great. Mine are just coming back from the root stock right now. I hope I will be able to take some pictures this weekend and post. I will need your help posting them. I forgot what you told me in 2007. Looks like the greenhouse is working out for you. I think mine is a curse, I will only use it to protect my plants from freezing in the winter, and store gardening supplies the rest of the year. Barbra,

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Its in St.Francisville, La. its called Rosedown Plantation. I went to see my high school friend that worked there and she gave us passes for a house tour but right when we started to go through the gardens I got a phone call that Mom was feeling bad so we had to leave. It was nice to have something fun for John in our weekend trip, lol. The nun's orchid stalks came up around Easter but it took them forever to open. I cut about 10 of the flowers for a party to decorate and still had all those in the pics left.I have it in a large pot. It was cool. Karyn did you see the last pic? I can't remember the name its that little funnel shape plant you sent me that multiplies and hangs down. It bloomed. I remembered last year it looked like it was going to but grew the tall finger looking things. This time it did and the flowers are really neat. I put plastic on the walls of the greenhouse then covered it with hardi board and put shade cloth over one side of the clear roof and it worked perfect this year. The stuff still in there looks better than the things outside. I might leave it in there and put up the shade cloth on the otherside. I have to go look at the pics to see what cement barrier you mean. It might be John's rigged up pump for the upper pond, lol. It ugly. My grandson is growing like a weed. The iris might be game cock. I bought Three different kinds on ebay last year but they all looked the same, lol. I wanted to snag some water hyacinth for my little upper pond now that I have the greenhouse to overwinter it. Mine died over the winter a couple years ago. Oh I see what you mean in the pond. It has a little channel around the edge for water to circulate that I have horse tail rush and watercress growing in. Our water has so much minerals it leaves a white crust on stuff. Its really just part of the black preformed pond. I decided to go back to my natural color for a while after I was looking at some pics of me when I was a teenager, lol. Its hard to hide the grey with it dark so don't know how long I will keep it, lol.

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