nikki702April 10, 2012

I got a new Hobbit (the smaller one) and was suprised at the difference in colour compared to my bigger one.

So.. I thought I would show you all :)

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This is just the result of different cultural conditions: water, temperature, and light. Your plant will soon adopt the colors of its new big brother. :-)


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greenclaws UKzone8a

That's cute Nikki, thanks for showing us. Where did you manage to find yours? I rarely see Hobbits or Gollums for sale except in Homebase, I had my Gollum from there, and occasionally there's some on Ebay...I'm watching some at the moment (so don't bid, haha!!). All my Jades are coloured up nicely at the moment...except for Gollum who is still green.
Gill form the UK.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Nikki, I LOVE the colors on your new hobbit! I've never had mine get those colors even though mine gets full sun, very cold (not freezing)temps, very little water in the winter and grow it outside 350+ days a year. Wonder if they might be a different clone? I've seen some pictures that get colors like yours and yet mine seems to only get reddish tips in the winter months. Thanks for sharing...

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Thanks.. Im really hoping that it stays that colour I love it .. At the moment they are indoors once this weather sorts itself out I will put them outside :)

Gill I got the bigger one from The Range.. by chance I was in there one day and there it was! I haven't seen one anywhere else even in the nurseries

I have seen gollum in Homebase too.. in tiny pots

If you want a hobbit let me know.. I have one that was a cutting off my bigger one, if you email me your address I will post it to you tomorrow :)


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The smaller one I ordered from ebay, a seller in Germany, I also ordered a crosbys compact, I am addicted I think lol .. I will post a pic when it has recovered from its journey :)

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Nikki, yes the ones I've seen in Homebase were indeed very small, the Gollum I bought was one of those but it has grown a heck of a lot this past year and is a nice size now. I'll get round to posting some pics soon! These things are rather addictive I agree..lol. Keeps us out of mischief though so it can't be all that bad for us can it?
I'm not familiar with 'The Range' but on googling it's similar to Homebase I gather...a new one is opening some 15 miles or so from here some time in 2012... the nearest one currently is 20mls away in Burton on Trent. I feel a garden centre day looming real soon! lol!
Thanks for the chance of the Hobbit, will look forward to him!
Cheers, Gill....from up North this time!!!

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Wow Nikki! That is quite a difference I'd say.

They are both absolutely beautiful. Good work and thanks for sharing. I love the colors.


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Great 'Hobbits'!
They're very thick and compact.
My plants won't have that kind of color until later in the Summer.


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